Why do we thinke the electric toothbrush is better than mannual toothbrush

It's important for us to have good teeth, not only because of our appearance, but also because of our health. After realizing the importance of this matter, many people will choose some dental care equipment one after another. Among them, the typical dental care equipment, even the electric toothbrush, can be used.

And to this, a lot of friends also expressed a skeptical attitude, now on the market, the article that electric toothbrush is good, is it a marketing? Also, the electric toothbrush head is so small, can brush clean? Today, let's take a look.

So, which is better, an electric toothbrush or a manual one?

In fact, if the "pasteurization method" can be followed strictly and correctly, the result may not be much worse. But we still recommend electric toothbrush, because it has three advantages.


Why do we thinke the electric toothbrush is better than mannual toothbrush


* Easier to control

Many electric toothbrushes have a power indicator that flashes if you push too hard.

* Better control of time

For many electric toothbrushes, there is a time reminder function. Generally speaking, the best time to brush your teeth is two minutes, and when the time is up, it will remind you that you have already brushed your teeth enough time.

* More fun

For those who don't like to brush their teeth, electric toothbrushes have a rotating head that makes brushing more fun and less boring.


So, are electric toothbrushes more likely to hurt your teeth?

Such worry often is redundant, and healthy tooth won't be brushed so, on the contrary the strength of electric tooth brush also can adjust, won't let you appear exert oneself too hard phenomenon, because this be at ease with.

Still, there are caveats when it comes to using electric toothbrushes in a healthy way

Before brushing, you should pay attention to whether the head of the electric toothbrush is firm and firm:

At this time, we still recommend that before using the toothbrush, it is best to check whether the toothbrush head and handle are firmly connected, especially for some children who choose to use the electric toothbrush, it is necessary to prevent the risk of safety accidents because of the weak connection.

When choosing an electric toothbrush, you need to turn on the power of the toothbrush after the toothpaste has blistered:

The idea is to prevent toothpaste spattering all over your body, so it's best to squeeze toothpaste onto your toothbrush before turning it on to reduce unnecessary hassle.


For health reasons, brush your teeth across the board:

Because the health of the teeth, but also is closely related to the overall health of your body, therefore, when brushing your teeth, we also need to choose every part of the electric brush to brush the teeth, and when you brush your teeth, appropriate is used to, might as well can start with your front teeth tooth moving backward, so that their teeth with the teeth clean to each side, and each time when brushing your teeth, still had better more than 3 minutes.


After brushing, make sure your brush head is on a dry surface:

To prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms and to avoid moisture that can cause problems with your toothbrush, it is best to ensure that the head of your electric toothbrush is dry and rinsed after each use, preferably in a ventilated environment.


Why do we thinke the electric toothbrush is better than mannual toothbrush

Do regular replacement of toothbrush head, do not covet "petty gain" :

First of all, we'd better prepare several toothbrush heads so that they can be used interchangeably, which is more conducive to maintaining the flexibility of the brush heads and can help extend their life.

In addition, it is better for us to change the brush head every 3 months. Of course, we can change the brush head more frequently. Meanwhile, we need to refuse to use the toothbrush that has been curled or loosened, which is more conducive to the health of our teeth.

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One V1 makes our signature model

Why do we thinke the electric toothbrush is better than mannual toothbrush



ENJOY DEEP CLEANING LIKE A DENTISIT AT HOME---- Oscillate and Pulse up to 40000 strokes/min between 0.24 inch amplitude, remove more stains and plaque, effectively preventing tooth problems. 4 Electric toothbrush heads with "W" teeth shape brush heads thoroughly clean plaque along gum line and hard-to-reach areas. The top of the bristles is particularly oval in shape, which significantly avoids gum damage caused by brushing.Features advanced dual overcharge protection, which is safer than common electric toothbrushes on the market with single overcharge protection. It’ll automatically stop charging when fully charged.


2 WEEKS REMOVE 100% PLAQUE--- Vsmile design a best tooth whitening partner ( electric toothbrush and activated charcoal powder) for those who want to whiten tooth in 2 weeks. Toothpaste absorbs all plaques and stains, which makes it easier for electric toothbrush to break them down.


65 DAYS LONG BATTERY LIFE, NO NEED TO CHARGE FREQUENTLY ANY MORE. Powered by rechargeable Li-ion battery, this rechargeable toothbrush only needs 12 hours to be fully charged, then you don’t need to worry about out of battery in at least 65 days. Besides, it’s a usb charging toothbrush and Inductive charger case. Any device with usb port is compatible. Very convenient to use on your business trip and also it’s perfect for travel.


SMART TO CARE YOUR ORAL HEALTH---- Vsmile electric toothbrush is bulit into 2 minutes smart timer and 30s interval pause to help you develop a 2-minutes brushing habit as recommended by dentist. Designed as 5 modes to meet different needs, Cleam mode for effective thorough cleaning, White for enhancing the tooth whitening effect,Polish for make teeth more brighter, S mode for sensitive teeth, and the Gum Care mode.


IPX7 WATERPROOF ---Whitening 360 °automatic sonic toothbrush adopts the omni-directional IPX7 waterproof seal design, durable to use, can be cleaned and reused,safely used at bath and shower.The waterproof design can effectively protect the battery, extend the product life and prevent leakage, short circuit, surge, overcharge, overheating and battery corrosion.

Why do we thinke the electric toothbrush is better than mannual toothbrush