Which is the Best Electric Toothbrush Head

Which is the Best Electric Toothbrush Head
                                                          – Philips Sonicare or Oral-B?
Among all available electric toothbrushes, the market is dominated by Philips Sonicare and oral-b, which have been clinically proven to significantly reduce plaque formation and improve oral hygiene. Therefore, the most common question for potential buyers is, “Should I buy Sonicare or Oral-B?” “Let's take a look at the main features of each make and see if there are significant differences between them.

Which is the Best Electric Toothbrush Head

At first glance, Philips' Sonicare and Oral-B series of toothbrushes are beautiful, and their slim, ergonomic Oral-B 3D cupping action handle features a brush head. However, look at the brush head, you will notice that Philips has an oval head, while Oral-B has a smaller round head and should embrace each tooth separately.

The idea of Oral-b small brush heads is that they in turn the bristles between each tooth in each tooth, while the larger surface area of the brush head on the other hand will cover two or three teeth and the gap between them is very effective . Sonicare has introduced a "compact" brush head to counteract this defect, but when you buy a Sonicare brush, these brushes are not standard and you have to buy it separately. Of course, smaller brush heads are more suitable for younger or smaller mouths, or reach difficult areas where plaque is easily formed in the back of the mouth.

Brush technology
If you open the brush, you will notice the difference in the action each brush produces. In Sonicare, the brush head swings around 31,000 times per minute. This, combined with Dynamic Cleansing, drives the fluid between your teeth and gums. In contrast, Oral-B has a 3D cleaning technique consisting of pulsation, rotation and oscillation, with up to 8800 vibrations per minute and pulsing 40,000 times.

The movement of the Oral-B toothbrush combined with the smaller brush head ensures deep cleaning of the bristles between the teeth, while Sonicare relies on the movement of the brush head to force liquid into the gap between the teeth and between the teeth and the gums. The gaps allow for gentle and effective cleaning.

Interestingly, I recently discussed the advantages and disadvantages of one brand and another with my dentist. He said that he can judge whether the customer has been using Sonicare for about two years because they are not as effective as Oral-B. it is good. Therefore, if you have gum problems or gingivitis, I definitely recommend you to use Oral-B.

Which is the Best Electric Toothbrush Head

Noise and feeling
Many critics have commented that the noise level of Oralka is lower than that of Oral b. When they brush their teeth, Oral b feels rougher and tighter than Oral b, but there is no doubt that they make your mouth feel fresh and clean. .

There are no pressure sensors on the Sonicare, except for the more expensive models, however, both have a two-minute timer as standard. This is the recommended brushing time for dentists and is an invaluable feature, especially for those who tend to brush their teeth in a hurry. All manufactured and modeled, in addition to the cheapest Sonicare extract, have an interval timer. All models have a battery charging indicator as standard.

If you are looking for a slightly gentler, slightly quiet brushing experience, then choose Sonicare.

Electric toothbrush accessories
For both types of toothbrushes, the Oral-B Brush head is very expensive, but you can also customize the toothbrush according to your tooth needs. Oral-B has the most professional brush heads to choose from, their brush heads have blue indicator bristles, the color will gradually fade, telling you when to replace them (recommended for 3 months).

Which is the Best Electric Toothbrush Head

So which one should you buy at the end of the day? Dentists and health care experts recommend that they be excellent, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. All the comments I have read, some people like Philips Philips, and others like b, there is no right or wrong choice, anyway, you will make your teeth brush better than cleaning. After all, it all depends on your personal preferences.

What I want to say is that if you have any type of gum problem, Oral-B is a better toothbrush, especially for removing plaque on the gum line and reversing gingivitis, while Philips' Sonicare toothbrush is gently brushed. On the teeth and gums, the bristles are softer and suitable for sensitive mouths and children.