When we use electric toothbrush, which kind of toothpaste should we choose?

Electric toothbrushes are more scientific and effective. Its brush head vibration, rotation and other sports, can make up for many people are not the correct way to brush your teeth. Of course, many people ask, do you need toothpaste for an electric toothbrush? As it is, toothpaste can help electric toothbrushes clean teeth more effectively. There are many different kinds of toothpaste on the market, so what kind of toothpaste should be used for the Vsmile electric toothbrush? We clean our mouths once a day, morning and evening, and toothpaste is one of our helpers to maintain our teeth and internal health. Improper choice of toothpaste may also cause oral diseases (oral cancer, oral ulcer, gum loss, etc.).


When we use electric toothbrush, which kind of toothpaste should we choose?


What kind of toothpaste to use and what kind of toothpaste not to choose


  1. Toothpaste containing dirt removal ingredients

Toothpaste containing dirt removal ingredients: the mucous membrane in the mouth is one of the most vulnerable cells in the human body, and the sodium dodecyl sulfate in the mouth descaling toothpaste is the most effective cleaning toothpaste for dirt removal. Although it has a good scale removal effect, long-term use is highly likely to cause chronic oral ulcer disease in people.


  1. Toothpaste containing whitening agent: it can damage the gums

There are many toothwhitening toothwhitening toothpaste on the market. In order to achieve whitening effect, bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide, which can effectively whiten teeth, will be added into the ingredients. However, this bleaching agent will stimulate the soft tissues and cells inside the mouth, and deliberately damage the fragile and delicate mucosa inside the mouth, thus harming the health of gums.


  1. Toothpaste with abrasive ingredients: wear away the enamel

In some toothpaste products, fine particulate abrasive is added to make it convenient for users to remove stains on the surface of teeth when brushing. Some toothpastes, however, contain a thin abrasive that can wear away the enamel directly, making the tooth naturally more sensitive over time.


When we use electric toothbrush, which kind of toothpaste should we choose?


How to choose the toothpaste for the Vsmile electric toothbrush:


  1. Fluorine toothpaste

The expert that has relevant research expresses: recommend young and old people to choose toothpaste containing fluorine commonly. Because the results suggest that people who brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste have a 40 per cent lower risk of cavities. Although the prevention effect is good, but children should use carefully.


  1. Toothpaste with small abrasive particles

When shopping for toothpaste, choose toothpaste with small abrasive particles, such as ALUMINIUM HYDROXIDE and Calcium hydrogen phosphate. It will not harm the enamel, and can easily remove stains from the tooth surface.


  1. Use two kinds of toothpaste, morning and evening

If possible, buy two different toothpastes and use them separately in the morning and evening. Oral cavity internal secretion of saliva is a certain bactericidal function, the amount of saliva during the day is 3 to 4 times that at night, easy to inhibit bacterial reproduction. As a result of the day's eating more, easy residue of food and residue in the mouth, should choose strong cleaning function can effectively remove odor, foreign body toothpaste. At night, the population is in a state of sleep, oral salivary glands secretion is not enough to inhibit the production of bacteria, so it should be selected to bacteriostatic bactericidal components of toothpaste to prevent caries.


When we use electric toothbrush, which kind of toothpaste should we choose?


In a word, what toothpaste should be used for the Vsmile electric toothbrush? Don't blindly choose functional toothpaste. It is recommended not to use only Chinese herbal toothpaste, medicinal toothpaste, anti-allergic toothpaste, whitening toothpaste, calcium toothpaste and other toothpaste for a long time. Improper choice of toothpaste may cause side effects in the process of use.