What's inside the electric toothbrush

An electric toothbrush is a tool for cleaning teeth. It consists of a dry battery, a miniature dc motor, a battery case, a toothbrush head, a metal guard plate and a sleeve. The dry battery, as the power source of the dc motor, is installed together with the dc motor in the battery box, which is provided with a manual switch to control the power supply on and off of the dc motor. The rotating shaft of the dc motor extends out of the battery box. The toothbrush head and the metal guard plate are set on the rotating shaft of the dc motor. The toothbrush head and the metal guard plate have a set of tubes. Electric toothbrush with a variety of different models of toothbrush head can be applied to a variety of users.


What's inside the electric toothbrush

If you have an electric toothbrush, it is likely to be completely sealed. When the toothbrush is mounted on the charger, there is no metal contact point between the toothbrush and the base. One advantage of a fully sealed toothbrush is that the contact point is protected from exposure and therefore water. It also avoids problems caused by contact water and short circuit of the charger. This sealed design is called inductive charging. In fact, the toothbrush and the base form a double transformer, one part inside the base and the other inside the toothbrush. If you slide the toothbrush into the base, it forms a complete transformer, and the charge can flow.

The base contains a coil and a metal core. The toothbrush contains another set of coils. If the toothbrush seat on the base, the complete transformer structure is formed!

What's inside the electric toothbrush


Its structure for the brush head brush one-sided or circular, dismountable brush handle and a fitting connection, fittings solid coupling and motor shaft, motor connections across the electrodes by the switch and the power can be positive and reverse, the electric toothbrush can positive &negative brushing your teeth, baffle and can make the brush when brushing your teeth don't hurt oral gills help, brush a head replacement is convenient, health.

An electric toothbrush, including brush, brush holder, motor and motor housing, whose character is: the brush head brush one-sided or circular Settings, dismountable brush handle and a connector at the end connection, fittings and solid coupling and motor shaft, motor casing built-in battery, the power converter socket and switch, dry battery positive and negative side and an external power supply positive and negative side switch and motor coil terminal connection.



Charging control circuit of electric toothbrush:

What's inside the electric toothbrush

The charging control circuit is mainly composed of electromagnetic induction secondary coil, full-bridge rectifier diode and triode switch control circuit.

Sonic electric toothbrush is mainly used in the following groups

People with halitosis: especially those with a wide gap between their teeth, it is easy to stuff food scraps in the gap between their teeth. If not cleaned in time, it will easily lead to bad breath after the fermentation of dental plaque. Sonic toothbrush can penetrate into the gaps of teeth and avoid the dead spots in the mouth. It can remove food residue and soft dirt from the gaps of teeth in time, and reduce picking and bad breath.

For patients with gingivitis, gingivitis is easy to cause gingival bleeding. The first time using acoustic toothbrush, there will be bleeding phenomenon. Cleaning the gingival wound with acoustic toothbrush will gradually heal the wound. Bleeding stops after one or two days of treatment for mild gingivitis. Patients with dental caries: sonic toothbrush can deeply clean the food residue, bacteria and tartar in the dental cavity, so that the dental body and periodontal tissue can be locally cleaned and irritants can be removed. At the same time, sonic toothbrush can massage the gums, promote the blood circulation of the painful parts, thus playing a role in relieving the pain of teeth.

In addition to daily brushing, it can also be used to massage the gums. It can be used for both manual and electric brushing, and can be used for both vertical and horizontal brushing. Gingiva can enhance blood circulation by rhythmically tapping and rubbing, and it is better to enhance the absorption effect of gingiva with medication. For periodontitis, gingivitis, gingival bleeding and other common dental disease has a very good treatment and prevention. Use this brush to change from horizontal to vertical brushing. When brushing by hand, use the same method as a regular toothbrush.


What's inside the electric toothbrush


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What's inside the electric toothbrush