What is the best electric toothbrush

What is the best electric toothbrush

As people's emphasis on oral health, use electric toothbrush crowd more and more, though not every family can use it to clean the oral hygiene, but with the development of science and technology it will be important members of the public health care products, new technology always let people doubt, however, the electric toothbrush is very not good, since the advent of electric toothbrush is controversial.

Compared with the most number of our traditional manual toothbrush, toothbrush development has been 2000 years of history, many years of use suddenly found that can not care for oral health, natural let many users remain skeptical, so many people still choose the traditional way to clean their teeth. Every day 2 minutes, in the morning and evening, but every day adhere to the most scientific way of brushing teeth, there will still be oral disease trouble, in the end is why?

Consumers who want to find out the answer to the riddle, why not try electric toothbrush? This product of modern technology is how to take care of the health of teeth conveniently and what kind of charm makes so many consumers unable to stop. To tell the truth, in this cost-effective consumption era, there is no "two brush", it is really difficult to conquer consumers.

What is the best electric toothbrush


How does electric toothbrush conquer consumers with practical experience

The convenient use experience is the reason to conquer many users. Traditional toothbrushes have to clean their teeth manually, while electric toothbrushes clean their teeth through the vibration of the electric motor in the body, no matter it rotates or vibrates, which can guarantee the effect of brushing and also give consideration to the convenience. And the current toothbrush generally has the setting of brushing time, which can ensure that users can reach a scientific brushing time, instead of brushing by feeling.

Manual toothbrush is supposed to be more effective in cleaning teeth, but who would have thought that it has become the root of hurting gums. When using ordinary toothbrush to brush teeth, the force is not easy to control, and sometimes it is unavoidable to brush teeth too hard, causing damage to teeth and gums. The strength of electric toothbrushes can be adjusted according to demand, which reduces the frequency of gingivitis and gingival bleeding by 62%, making the brushing process safer and more effective.

What is the best electric toothbrush


Brush your teeth manually, no matter how hard you brush or how long you brush, it's hard to brush clean when most people don't pay attention. Most users only stay on the surface of teeth, so there are many blind spots for brushing teeth. However, electric toothbrush relies on high speed vibration of bristles, which can not only clean the surface of teeth better, but also play a good cleaning role in the interdental space. Long-term use can make your teeth healthier.

How to choose and buy electric toothbrushes?

Say so many electric toothbrush, the benefits of a lot of manual toothbrush user must not happy, is not sleep for so many years of brushing my teeth all white brush, in fact, this is just the advantage of electric toothbrush compared with manual toothbrush, not manual toothbrush must not be clean, effectively only by comparison, the technique of manual toothbrush to clean difficult to master, if mastered the skills of brushing your teeth, time, manual toothbrush can also achieve the depth of the teeth clean.


See price: whether to buy a toothbrush or other product, one of the most visual impact consumers also several price, considering the cost of production, if the price is a few money, the motor and the bristles are not very good, in general price at around $300 of toothbrush, for ordinary entry-level users, already can have a very good experience, to pursue high quality of modern life, of course, thousands of yuan electric toothbrush is also a good choice, but must choose a big brand products.


The vibration frequency, the size of the vibration frequency of the cleaning effect and efficiency of teeth or have a certain influence, on the market sell electric toothbrush, is basic for entry-level toothbrush is equipped with the most basic vibration frequency, and from which the toothbrush start there will be a qualitative leap, as for the $one thousand level toothbrush, or remain the same as the toothbrush in the end of the vibration frequency. So if you're buying a toothbrush and you're using an electric toothbrush for the first time, consider an entry-level electric toothbrush.


Look at the cleaning mode: the more expensive the electric toothbrush, the more the cleaning mode will be, while the entry-level electric toothbrush has only one basic cleaning mode. Take philips for example, high-end toothbrushes almost cover all cleaning modes (basic cleaning mode, whitening, polishing, gingival care, sensitivity and other cleaning modes). Mid-end toothbrushes have high, medium and low intensity choices, so users can choose the cleaning mode of toothbrushes according to the sensitivity of their teeth.


See a function: the tooth brush of different price, the function is different also, but the user needs to understand what function is practical, what function is gimmick only. For example, intelligent timing can subtly help users form a good habit of brushing teeth. Such a function is still necessary. However, some functions such as mobile phone connection and data storage, although very helpful for daily brushing, are not essential considering the price.


What is the best electric toothbrush

There are real price differences in the field of electric toothbrushes, and these differences directly affect the experience of brushing. But it is not the choice of the more expensive product, clean, the better for his teeth, choose suits own is the consumption patterns of modern society, but then again, give up the original manual toothbrush, choose high-tech electric toothbrush, not as a way to highlight quality life, but can be more attentive caress oral health, is should have a healthy life.