The ultimate guide to whitening your teeth safely with Vsmile electric toothbrush.

Embarrassment over the color of teeth has led many people to hide their teeth in photos instead of smiling in public. If you find yourself in this situation, don't let discolored teeth disappoint you. Whiten your teeth to get the smile you've always wanted.


The ultimate guide to whitening your teeth safely with Vsmile electric toothbrush.


The popularity of tooth whitening products like electric toothbursh

Faded teeth give the impression that you're not taking care of yourself, so it's no surprise that the popularity of tooth whitening products, such as the increasingly popular electric toothbrush, is soaring. Since the first toothpastes claimed to whiten teeth were developed in the late 1980s, more and more whitening products have entered the market. Recent statistics show that we spend more than 10 billion yuan a year on tooth whitening products and treatments. From whitening strips and toothpaste to mouthwash and even laser whitening treatments, there are many options to achieve a shiny smile. What's more, the best way to save money is to buy an electric toothbrush.


The ultimate guide to whitening your teeth safely with Vsmile electric toothbrush.


Top 10 benefits of tooth whitening

Whitening teeth has many benefits, including:

Enhance your appearance

A whiter smile can improve your appearance and make it stronger than ever.

Boost your confidence

You'll want to show off your beautiful new smile to everyone you meet.

Minimize the appearance of wrinkles

An amazing smile changes focus because when your teeth are visible, people are naturally attracted to your smile. This will eliminate wrinkles and other less-desirable features.


Whitening your teeth is a way to improve the appearance without damaging the outside.

Make yourself more attractive

A whiter smile can improve your appearance and make you more confident. It also shows that you can take care of yourself. All of these things add up to make your potential love interests more appealing.

Let your guard down

With increased confidence, you can be less vigilant in social situations. You will be able to smile and laugh with others.

It makes you look friendlier

Smiling can make a big difference in making you look friendlier and more trustworthy. This will pay off in social situations and the workplace, especially if you attend meetings or presentations.

Thrive in a professional setting

Bring positive energy to everything from job interviews and salary negotiations to brainstorming sessions. With a whiter smile, you're more likely to show off your pearly whites, which will attract the person you're dating and create a warmer atmosphere.

Create a positive outlook on life

Whiter teeth give you more reason to smile. Smiling lifts your mood. Smiling gives you a more positive view of life.

It makes you look healthy

While white teeth aren't necessarily healthier than discolored teeth, they certainly make your mouth look healthier and signal to others that you care about your health.

The ultimate guide to whitening your teeth safely with Vsmile electric toothbrush.



Discolored teeth

No matter how many teeth you brush, you may still change color. It's not rare, and it's completely natural, but that doesn't make it any better. Coffee, tea, red wine and smoking are common causes of discoloration.

The ultimate guide to whitening your teeth safely with Vsmile electric toothbrush.


The dangers of tooth whitening improperly

As tooth whitening becomes more popular, there are also problems with tooth sensitivity. This is no coincidence. Many tooth whitening products contain ingredients that can damage teeth, causing tooth sensitivity and other unpleasant side effects. Two common brighteners are hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

Hydrogen peroxide

It is the oxidant, bleach and disinfectant in most popular whitening toothpastes. Although it can make teeth white, it also oxidizes tooth enamel and may irritate soft tissues in the mouth (oral mucous membranes), especially the gums. Hydrogen peroxide enters the dentine tubules and removes minerals, weakening the teeth and often causing sensitivity to pain.

Baking soda

It ACTS as a mechanical cleanser on teeth and gums. While it's effective at removing stains, baking soda can significantly weaken your tooth enamel over time. "Excessive use of baking soda can have the opposite cleaning effect, breaking down enamel over time and causing tooth sensitivity.


So how can you safely whiten your teeth?


1.Coconut oil. Coconut oil whitens teeth due to its lauric acid content, which reduces plaque and subsequent inflammation. Plaque is a major contributor to yellow teeth. Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids, 50% of which are lauric acid. It can whiten teeth without causing any sensitivity

2.Fruits and vegetables. Various foods have whitening effects on teeth. Many fruits, including strawberries, pineapples and apples, contain malic acid, which is high in fiber and ACTS like a mild scrub. They also increase saliva flow and help remove stains. Carrots and broccoli also have this scrubbing effect, and have teeth strengthening properties such as iron and vitamin A.

3.Sea salt rinse. In addition, sea salt also has whitening properties. Not only can it be used as a natural scrub, but it also contains phosphorus and iron to strengthen teeth. In addition, some sea salts, such as Dead Sea salt, also contain trace elements. This is very safe and effective for everyday use.

4.Combine electric toothbrushto achieve efficient and high-quality lifestyle.Come and get it.


The ultimate guide to whitening your teeth safely with Vsmile electric toothbrush.

A Single Charge Supports 65 Days Use

USB rechargeable with built-in 2200mAh battery. 12 hours charging lasts for 65 days.

Dual Overcharge Protection

Automatically stops charging when fully charged. Doubly protects from electric leakage, short circuit, surge, overcharge and overheat.

Wireless Inductive Charging

For safer charging, metal parts are hidden in the handle bottom, without direct contact with charging base or water.

5 Brushing Modes

Clean, Whiten, Polish, Gum Care and Sensitive. Meets different purposes and preferences.

Smart Timer

30-second quadrant shift reminder & 2-minute automatic stop help ensure an appropriate way of brushing teeth.

IPX7 Waterproof Design

Waterproof whole-body ensures safe use and long life span. You can use it during bath and shower.

4 Replacement Brush Heads

Made of premium Dupont bristles. With 2 types of shapes and hardness, easily meet different oral needs and brushing modes.

Upgraded Sonic Technology

Reach deep between teeth and offers a more comfortable, superior clean feel.