Talk about the design of electric toothbrush

Brushing your teeth is an essential activity in your daily life. Every morning when you are woken up by the alarm clock, brushing your teeth is usually spent in a daze.

Objectively speaking, many dental experts agree that the pasteurization method (that is: reciprocating up and down the teeth) is actually more difficult to operate. At least the author is feel a bit awkward, must pass the practice ability of period of time to be used to. Brushing teeth is not random brush, otherwise the teeth will be damaged after a lot of suffering. But the right way to brush your teeth isn't so easy to stick to -- what to do?

The electric toothbrush is the one that can help you solve your problems. An electric toothbrush with good ergonomics and user experience will make your bedtime and morning brushing time better. Electric toothbrush market share is growing rapidly, especially for the children's market electric toothbrush design products widely favored.

Talk about the design of electric toothbrush

Advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush

General electric toothbrush design is based on about two minutes of simple operation process. When using, the user only needs to put the electric toothbrush on the corresponding tooth position, can achieve the good cleaning effect. Compared with ordinary toothbrush, electric toothbrush has the following advantages:

(1) the use of electric toothbrush can effectively avoid all kinds of problems of incorrect brushing before, such as: too little brushing time, not properly divided into areas when brushing, too stiff bristles resulting in gingival bleeding, etc.

(2) using an electric toothbrush helps save time. Many electric toothbrushes have a timing function. You just need to squeeze the toothpaste and put it in the appropriate position in your mouth after opening it. You can brush your teeth directly.

(3) electric toothbrush can effectively improve the cleanliness. Electric toothbrush, especially the use of acoustic shock principle of products, can indeed achieve ordinary toothbrush difficult to achieve the cleaning effect; Not only can it deeply clean the food waste and dirt between the teeth, but also it can relieve gingival inflammation, gingival bleeding, yellowing of teeth and other problems.

Also, for the current electric toothbrush design, there are a lot of shortcomings, mainly displays in the following aspects:
(1) the noise, the noise of the electric toothbrush should be sought to control within 60 decibels - especially the part of the rotary electric toothbrush, after open, like a drill, its sound and vibration may make users feel dizzy.

(2) less foam, may be very unaccustomed to use at the beginning;

(3)the higher price is mainly caused by the objective cost of hardware and production.

Talk about the design of electric toothbrush

Types and differences of electric toothbrush design

Currently, there are many brands and types of electric toothbrushes on the market. However, if the functional structure and technical differences are divided, they can be roughly divided into two different schools.

The first type can be called "mechanical rotation", which means that the product USES the rotation of the motor to form the rotation or reciprocating motion of the brush head, thus imitating the process of manual brushing. However, because the motor usually rotates faster, it is a bit like a small polishing machine.

The second type, which can be called "acoustic oscillation type", mainly USES the high-speed vibration of the motor from 15,000 to 70,000 times per minute, so as to generate a certain cavitation effect around the teeth and bristles, and thus drive the high-speed vibration of the mixture formed by water and air. Toothbrushes use these shocks to create a scrubbing effect on the teeth, which in turn cleans them. From the technical point of view, the acoustic wave type electric toothbrush is easier to achieve deep cleaning effect, and the protection of teeth will be more beneficial.

Talk about the design of electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrush design is a key factor

However, in terms of the design quality of the product itself, the electric toothbrush design on the market still has the following shortcomings.

FIRST Comfort and reliability

In the design process of electric toothbrush, manufacturers generally pay more attention to the electronic functions of products, but for the traditional toothbrush design is very particular about the brush head size, shape, bristle length, bristle hardness, bristle arrangement and other parts do not understand, or even perfunctory. For example, in the case of toothbrushes designed by the design team of the author for a well-known domestic brand, the two sides had a very in-depth communication on the above part concerning oral experience, which was reflected in the final design. Comfort means that ergonomic factors should be fully considered to avoid poor user experience due to size, grip and brush head form. In addition, electric toothbrush handle design, also need to fully consider the sense of grip and other ergonomic factors. The handles of some brands of electric toothbrushes on the market are taken for granted in terms of size and shape, and they are very awkward to use.

Second Health problems

Another essential point in the design of electric toothbrushes is the hygiene of toothbrushes. Most people do, after all

Line of daily oral care of the main products, health issues are the first to bear the brunt. In the design of electric toothbrush, we should pay attention to the deep oral brush head, brush bar and other parts should not exist in the sanitary corner. Too many crevices, for example, are a breeding ground for bacteria. At the same time, when not in use, toothbrush should be designed to avoid brush head contact with other objects. For example, the brush head should be placed upright and equipped with a brush cap if necessary.

Third Cost

Electric toothbrush for most people, is still in the preliminary understanding, or try to receive the stage. Such products should strive to do the best in terms of cost performance, so as to lower the threshold of consumer acceptance. On the basis of quality assurance, how to do

The best cost control is critical. From the perspective of design, we think the cost should be controlled from the following aspects:

1. Control the mold cost in the later stage through good design planning;

2. Optimize assembly design and control production and assembly costs;

3. Achieve the best use experience through good design, so as to enlarge the actual market transformation of publicity and promotion, and objectively reduce the cost of marketing.


Talk about the design of electric toothbrush


The above is the design concept of electric toothbrush introduced by the Vsmile team. If you want to know more about it, please click the official website to consult us. We will have professional staff to answer for you.


Talk about the design of electric toothbrush