Vsmile Inductive charger Sonic Electric Toothbrush Four Gear Adjustment Vibrator Wireless Timer Operated With 4 Brush Heads

Vsmile V1 Navy Blue

Product Feature:

ENJOY DEEP CLEANING LIKE A DENTISIT AT HOME---- Oscillate and Pulse up to 40000 strokes/min between 0.24 inch amplitude, remove more stains and plaque, effectively preventing tooth problems. 4 Electric toothbrush heads with "W" teeth shape brush heads thoroughly clean plaque along gum line and hard-to-reach areas. The top of the bristles is particularly oval in shape, which significantly avoids gum damage caused by brushing.Features advanced dual overcharge protection, which is safer than common electric toothbrushes on the market with single overcharge protection. It’ll automatically stop charging when fully charged.

2 WEEKS REMOVE 100% PLAQUE--- Vsmile design a best tooth whitening partner ( electric toothbrush and activated charcoal powder) for those who want to whiten tooth in 2 weeks. Toothpaste absorbs all plaques and stains, which makes it easier for electric toothbrush to break them down.

65 DAYS LONG BATTERY LIFE, NO NEED TO CHARGE FREQUENTLY ANY MORE. Powered by rechargeable Li-ion battery, this rechargeable toothbrush only needs 12 hours to be fully charged, then you don’t need to worry about out of battery in at least 65 days. Besides, it’s a usb charging toothbrush and Inductive charger case. Any device with usb port is compatible. Very convenient to use on your business trip and also it’s perfect for travel.

SMART TO CARE YOUR ORAL HEALTH---- Vsmile electric toothbrush is bulit into 2 minutes smart timer and 30s interval pause to help you develop a 2-minutes brushing habit as recommended by dentist. Designed as 5 modes to meet different needs, Cleam mode for effective thorough cleaning, White for enhancing the tooth whitening effect,Polish for make teeth more brighter, S mode for sensitive teeth, and the Gum Care mode.

IPX7 WATERPROOF ---Whitening 360 °automatic sonic toothbrush adopts the omni-directional IPX7 waterproof seal design, durable to use, can be cleaned and reused,safely used at bath and shower.The waterproof design can effectively protect the battery, extend the product life and prevent leakage, short circuit, surge, overcharge, overheating and battery corrosion.


Help you clean to various regions,Develop good brushing habits.

Every man thinks he likes a woman before he meets his true love!

Every lazy person thinks he doesn't like to brush his teeth before he/she meets a good toothbrush!

If you choose your ture love,brushing your teeth is actually a pleasure~

Some people think electric toothbrushes are really just for lazy people. In fact, in addition to improving efficiency and helping you when you get out of bed and think you are too tired to brush teeth, they can also help prevent plaque, gum bleeding and tartar.


Why do you need Vsmile tooth whitening partner?

Vsimle Sonic Electric Toothbrush adopts the advanced sonic cleaning technology, it produces 30,000 brush strokes per minute for a powerful dynamic cleaning action, reducing plaque better than a manual or an oscillating toothbrush, keep your teeth stronger and healthier.


★Bulit into 2 mins timer it like a smart friend helps you develop a good habbit of brushing for 2 mins as recommended by dentist.

★5 modes for suit different needs, providing customized care.

★Optimal USB charging system cuts charging time into 6 hours, high-store battery is equipped for 30 days lasting use.

★Portable for your travel, compact and lightweight, take up the smallest space in your suitcase.

★IPX7 waterproof, enjoy brushing in the shower or bath.


What will you get?

1* Electric toothbrush handle

4* Brushing heds

1* USB charging cable

1* Toothbeush Holder