Is the elderly suitable for Vsmile electric toothbrushes?

Many elderly people are gradually inflexible because of their age, body and hands and feet. Many trivial things in life are not as convenient as before. Brushing is one of them. Is it good for the elderly to use electric toothbrushes? Is it suitable for the elderly to use electric toothbrushes? The following points tell you.


Easy to use


Generally, normal people do not have much mental strength and strength before taking a break or getting up in the morning, so they cannot guarantee the time of brushing and the standard of brushing action. What's more, the mobility of the elderly is also worse. Brushing the teeth with ordinary toothbrushes is of course a significant reduction in the cleaning effect of the teeth. The Vsmile electric toothbrush can solve this problem very well. The automatic vibration brush head has an ergonomic overall design, which ensures the effective and convenient brushing. It is very convenient to use and makes brushing very easy.


Is the elderly suitable for Vsmile electric toothbrushes?


Reduce damage


When the elderly use ordinary toothbrushes to brush their teeth, the strength of the use is controlled by themselves. Inevitably, the brushing force is too large, or the improper brushing method can easily damage the teeth and gums. Experiments have shown that Vsmile electric toothbrushes can reduce the amount of tooth brushing by about 60%, making gingivitis and gums safer. It also has the effect of massaging the gums.


Deep Cleaning


The Vsmile electric toothbrush rotates rapidly through the motor core, causing the brush head to generate 31000 vibrations per minute. It instantly breaks down the toothpaste into fine foam, deeply cleans the teeth, quickly removes tooth surface stains, and maintains the health of the mouth and teeth.


Is the elderly suitable for Vsmile electric toothbrushes?


What should the elderly pay attention to when using an electric toothbrush?


  1. It is recommended that before each use of the electric toothbrush, the connection between the brush head and the handle should be checked to prevent the brush of the electric toothbrush from ejecting, crushing the teeth, or getting stuck in the throat during use.


2.Vsmile electric toothbrush handle and brush head are not easy to separate, which can effectively prevent the elderly from improperly brushing their teeth and swallow the head. It is smaller than the brush head of a normal toothbrush and can penetrate deep into the mouth to clean the back teeth.


  1. After using the brush for a period of time, the bristles will become rough and easily damage the gums. Keeping the new brush head every three months can effectively ensure the cleaning effect of the toothbrush on the teeth and the mouth.


  1. As the age increases, some of the elderly's teeth are inherently fragile teeth. For the elderly with this type of tooth, before using the Vsmile electric toothbrush, be sure to consult a dentist or doctor before using it.


So, is it suitable for older people to use electric toothbrushes? Most elderly people can use it, but the elderly whose teeth and gums are relatively weak may not be able to withstand the vibration of the electric toothbrush. It is recommended to clean the teeth with a normal toothbrush.