How to waterproof an electric toothbrush

How to waterproof an electric toothbrush



With the development of science and technology, now most of the electric toothbrush is waterproof, electric toothbrush waterproof most will use waterproof oil, waterproof sealing ring, PUW waterproof film. The main analysis of PUW waterproof film, because the waterproof oil, waterproof sealing ring is very early, and PUW waterproof film is for the battery or motor running state of heat emissions. Because in the sealed state, and the electric toothbrush working for a long time, the internal pressure is rising, and the seal may fail, thus water into the electric toothbrush!

PUW waterproof film can not only balance the pressure, but also waterproof, improve the reliability of the product, and the protection level reaches IPX7. Electric toothbrush is the best protection method. So how do manufacturers do waterproof testing?


How to waterproof an electric toothbrush

When it comes to testing for waterproofing, one of the simplest and most crude ideas is to put a product in water and see if there are any bubbles, or to take the product out of the water for a certain period of time to check its performance. This method can effectively detect the waterproof performance of products, but also has many limitations, such as: not quantitative reveal values, subjective judgment, need to secondary cleaning products, nonconforming parts damage, inefficient and unable to determine the level of waterproof, and so on, this a series of defects lead to bubble water is difficult to competent for batch testing requirements in a manufacturing environment.

But for the batch test of products, it is very necessary to test the waterproof performance of the sampling, then test the product waterproof ability of the final means. Air waterproof detector is the most commonly used waterproof detection method for electric toothbrush manufacturers at present.

It is a kind of air tightness detector. His with compressed air as medium, mainly adopts the differential method for testing, by comparing the test end and the pressure difference between the standard before and after the period of balance, testing results of judgement (balanced pressure at the ends of the former is equal, such as balance after a period of time, to the standard pressure drop, the artifacts are leaking, pressure leakage value) for a certain period of time. Waterproofing detector overcomes the disadvantages of traditional waterproofing and can effectively eliminate the influence of environmental factors such as temperature and pressure.


How to waterproof an electric toothbrush


Electric toothbrush to improve the waterproof performance, generally is the overall seal. When using the waterproof detector for testing, it is necessary to make a set of sealing mold according to the appearance characteristics of the product, fix and seal the electric toothbrush to form the testing end mentioned above. In addition, multi-station detection can also be carried out. The waterproof detector provides multi-channel detection, which undoubtedly greatly improves the detection efficiency and brings good news to our Vsmile manufacturers.

We use the electric toothbrush, its waterproof ability is roughly determined by this, so when you buy please see the waterproof grade IPX7, the larger the number, the stronger the waterproof ability. As to its after all waterproof ability how, final inspection authority is in consumer hand of course.

General electric toothbrushes are 5 class waterproof, and good quality can reach 7 class waterproof. Waterproof grade is the highest level is 7, so the use of electric toothbrush generally do not have to worry about leakage, even when taking a bath is no problem, of course, to electric toothbrush quality should be qualified, part of the unqualified electric toothbrush is not waterproof, easy to leakage after use.

Is it dangerous to charge an electric toothbrush with water in it?

Want to see whether your toothbrush is waterproof, or clean charging is better, now the electric toothbrush is mostly waterproof, and the use of PUW576 film for protection is more, and can be washed throughout the body, charging is not dangerous!


How to waterproof an electric toothbrush


Most electric toothbrushes are waterproof, but only if you put them in water for a short period of time. Many people's toothbrush water is not the reason for flushing, but the problem of placement. After using the electric toothbrush, people will put the toothbrush in the mouthwash cup just like the ordinary toothbrush. However, if it is kept in the cup for a long time, the handle of the toothbrush will always be in a humid environment.

It is easy to breed bacteria, and the bottom is also easy to infiltrate water, which is the reason toothbrush easy to water.

Method: it is best to use electric toothbrush, brush the toothbrush clean, and then upright in a dry and ventilated place.


How to waterproof an electric toothbrush


Electric toothbrush:

1.Rotary electric toothbrush

Rotary electric toothbrushes are very good at cleaning, but there are some disadvantages. For people with sensitive gums, intense friction from the rotation can cause discomfort, bleeding from the gums, and prolonged friction can damage teeth. Both can be mitigated by technology, but the problem of loud noise is harder to solve. This kind of toothbrush is suitable for people who need strong cleaning of the tooth surface such as long-term smoking.


2.Sonic electric toothbrush

Acoustic vibration does not mean that use sound waves to clean your teeth, but to its built-in ultrasonic motor vibration speed, vibration frequency can reach 26000-31000 times/min, by this rapid vibration, drive the toothpaste and saliva flow in a cavity, produce a large number of exquisite foam, wash mouth and teeth, so as to clean toothbrush corners are not exposed to teeth.


How to waterproof an electric toothbrush


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