How to use electric toothbrush

How to use electric toothbrush


Brushing your teeth is very important, and electric toothbrushes are helping people become more efficient at it.

Brushing your teeth is a very important thing, and the emergence of the electric toothbrush is more efficient, help people brushing their teeth in this matter, it seemed more thorough brushing your teeth than ordinary toothbrush, cleaning ability is more efficient and better efficiency, also many lazy mind is good, it's no wonder that a listed have been popular, many people also gradually understand the effect of the electric toothbrush, and bought a novelty. But then again, a lot of people report that electric toothbrushes don't know how to use them. What are the differences between electric toothbrushes and ordinary toothbrushes? Today we will take a look at the use of this electric toothbrush, these methods a look will!

Why is an electric toothbrush better than a regular toothbrush?

First of all, we need to know that electric toothbrush is a product that relies on internal motor to achieve rotation or vibration. It can clean through independent rotation or vibration, which can achieve more efficient cleaning capacity than ordinary toothbrush.


Manual brushing can not control the force, it is easy to cause the force is too large or too small, too large is easy to damage the teeth, and too small will not reach the cleaning effect, under such circumstances it is easy to make oral cavity internal cleaning uneven phenomenon.

How to use electric toothbrush


Most people when brushing your teeth is always a hurry, unable to achieve thorough cleaning, such as teeth, tooth after place cannot complete clean, so it is easy to cause oral cavity internal residual bacteria, cause of oral disease, and the automaticity electric toothbrush can be teeth can keep clean, after in-depth and acoustic type electric toothbrush can also rely on vibration for cleaning.

How to use electric toothbrush



Ordinary brushing can not control the time, and brushing science is often 3 minutes, many people often can not reach, and electric toothbrush with automatic timing function, take xinuo electric toothbrush for example, it is equipped with scientific timing function can remind consumers to change the area every 30 seconds,2 minutes to complete the brushing work.

How to use electric toothbrush

How to use electric toothbrush

Brushing their teeth in the way we can choose the best on the pap brush method, this method for cleaning the inside the oral cavity thoroughly, using electric toothbrush, the vibration of the inside it will automatically clean, like heart electric toothbrush acoustic vibration technology, high-frequency vibration can maintain 35000 times/min, coupled with the broadband swing, we just put in position.


We aim the bristles at the position of the gingival groove at an Angle of 45° and move them slowly. It is best to stay on each tooth for 2 to 3 seconds to allow the brush vibration to clean the teeth. After brushing the gingival groove, we can start to brush the occlusal surface of the teeth.


How to use electric toothbrush


We divide the inside of the tooth into four areas, and each area takes an average of 30 seconds to brush. After 30 seconds, the toothbrush will remind you to change the area, and then use the same method to brush the whole mouth for exactly 2 minutes.


Therefore, when choosing an electric toothbrush, we'd better choose a product with timing function like Vsmile to ensure scientific and effective brushing time and achieve efficient cleaning effect.


How to use electric toothbrush

How to use electric toothbrush



Customer's tips for getting rid of cavities:


1.After brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, rinse your mouth with foam for two or three minutes. Let the foam flow between your lips and teeth, and then spit it out. At this point, the fluoride ions dissolve in the foam and are easily absorbed by the teeth, especially in tiny cavities. Don't swallow by mistake. In this way, the plaque that once filled your mouth is now gone, and it can strengthen your weak teeth.

2.Way of brushing teeth: for chewing surfaces, use horizontal brush method and saw back and forth. For the inside and outside of the teeth (that is, the tongue and cheek) with the vertical brush method, brush the teeth, brush the brush bristles of the toothbrush on the gum and teeth junction, then through the wrist up and down movement like a comb, brush the bristles from the gum down the teeth, in the same place repeatedly several times; Brush your lower teeth the same way, from the bottom up, to remove food particles and plaque from between your teeth.

3.Use a fluoride mouthwash every 3 days to remove tartar and plaque by reaching deep into the crevices that toothpaste can't reach. No need to use it.

4.Brush your teeth after meals. If you can't do it, gargle with warm water after meals. You can't just gargle and spit it out. Instead, rinse with 100 times in your mouth. Rinse your mouth after eating a snack.

5.It is ok to choose famous brand toothpaste containing fluorine, such as China, Colgate and crest. The texture is frozen. Pay attention to the fluoride content. According to the national standard, the total fluoride should be greater than or equal to 0.04% of the total weight of toothpaste, and less than or equal to 0.15%. Soluble or free fluorine must be 0.04% or more. Can use 0.11% commonly, dental plaque a lot of very serious use 0.14% to 0.15%, brush a month, dental plaque can disappear apparently, hold to 3 months, dental plaque was invisible. Don't use whitening toothpaste, it will make your teeth brittle!

6.Experience in using toothpaste: I used to use Chinese, anvil, black, Colgate, but now I only use crest. There was a little bit of black plaque on the tooth before, but after using crest, there was no plaque at all. There are articles on the Internet saying that crest's formulation of fluteh has a high absorption rate of fluorine. But this is just my personal experience, just for your reference.

7. dental plaque, very small cavities, very shallow cavity, with fluoride toothpaste can be completely solved, no need to fill! Prevent tooth wear secret secret: I use very fine wool only (fine silk-wool) toothbrush, damage to tooth enamel is small.


How to use electric toothbrush

Tips for preventing loose teeth and gums:

1.Every time you brush your teeth, massage your gums with your fingers, which can promote blood circulation to the gums and effectively prevent gingival atrophy and tooth loosening. The fingers are very soft and do no harm to the gums at all. Methods: after gargling, place the clean forefinger of the right hand on the gingival mucosa, knead from the root to the crown and along the gingival level, massage the inner and outer gingival for several minutes. more fruits and vegetables, supplement VC, good for gum growth. Brush your teeth with warm water, the rate of gingival atrophy is much slower! Of course, if there is already a cavity, we must fill it as soon as possible! Otherwise, food residue can produce acid in the cavities, which your toothbrush won't be able to brush, further decay your enamel and dentin, and may trigger pulpitis. Now the filler is polymer resin material, do not conduct heat and cold, according to eat according to drink. Fill it in, then use fluoride toothpaste. Many people report that cavity fillers fall off within a few years. This is because the teeth around the cavity are demineralized and brittle, so the fillings fall out easily.

Tips for keeping cavities filled:

1.Fluoride toothpaste can significantly enhance the texture of demineralized parts, making it re-mineralized and hard, and the filling materials are not easy to fall off.

Don't eat anything too hard. Description of fluoride: fluoride toothpaste in line with national standards will only be absorbed by teeth, not bones, as long as it is not swallowed. Decades of research by the international medical community has proved that topical fluorination is the most effective and safe way to prevent dental caries. Fluorosis occurs when fluorine enters the bone. As a result, fluoridated toothpaste is very safe and should not be feared at all. Swallowing function is not perfect children do not use, high fluoride areas do not use, other places can be assured to use. The average American had 15 decayed teeth, according to U.S. census data in the 1950s. Fluoridated toothpaste is widely used in Hong Kong, where dentists have few cavities to fill. On whitening teeth: healthy teeth are good, do not pursue excessive whitening. Most whitening products are chemical medicines that make teeth brittle. Healthy enamel is naturally yellowish, but being too white can be harmful.

How to use electric toothbrush

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How to use electric toothbrush