How to use electric toothbrush properly

Some electric toothbrush users electric toothbrush for the first time, often feel itching, pain, abnormal stimuli such as noise and not accustomed to, in addition to related to choose electric toothbrush function quality of a material, in many cases is also associated with no master the correct way to use electric toothbrush, there are the electric toothbrush with the method of the basic skills below.

How to use electric toothbrush properly

1. Understanding the brand:
Before using the electric toothbrush, it is necessary for us to have some understanding of the brand name of the manufacturer. Usually, those who officially operate the brand value their product reputation very much, because of the long investment period and high cost of operating the brand. Although it is an open secret in the industry that third-party certification reports, such as those from ISO, are highly regarded, the quality credibility extended by a brand is often more credible than these certificates.

2. Understand the product:
carefully read the product manual of electric toothbrush and its installation method, and have some understanding of the functional structure of the selected type of electric toothbrush. Important parameters such as vibration frequency and waterproof grade should be kept in necessary understanding for the manufacturer's suggestion. In habitual choose and buy, do not be provided as far as possible by the businessman beautiful product diagram, description diagram place is puzzled. The whole society is advocating low carbon environmental protection, but many businesses are still out of the need to improve the brand image, expand the sales of the market layout, high salary to hire graphic design engineer, in the network product map and physical packaging exhaust artistic talent, an electric toothbrush painted into a work of art. It's a universal love of beauty, but remember, you're buying the right electric toothbrush, not a painting

3.Installation of drama head:

Vsimle toothbrush headsbelongs to wireless induction charging drama, and the body will be closed to meet the need of waterproof. The installation sequence is to firstly put the brush head into the toothbrush shaft, moderately exert strength, shake it up and down, and keep the toothbrush head tightly fastened.

4. Smear toothpaste:
electric toothbrush sometimes has a certain cleaning effect without toothpaste. When adding toothpaste, choose toothpaste with fine particles and good flexibility.

5. Boot sequence:
Remember to open the electric toothbrush button should be the electric toothbrush into the mouth and maintain the exploratory distance, so as to avoid the toothpaste in the mouth spatter, in addition, also avoid starting motion of the electric toothbrush suddenly into the mouth, brush head touch pain teeth. When using an electric toothbrush, just press the brush head lightly against the tooth surface.

6.Brushing order:
The correct brushing order of electric brushing is different from that of ordinary toothbrush. Generally, "outside, inside, up and down" is selected. First of all, clean the outside of the teeth, pay attention to the hand toothbrush along the gingival line cleaning to maintain a slow movement, brushing time will be shortened, each tooth stay time about 3-4 seconds.


How to use electric toothbrush properly

Secondly, clean the inside of the teeth, in the easy formation of dental calculus in the lower incisor medial dead Angle to increase the residence time.

Finally, clean the upper and lower surfaces of the teeth. Similarly, each tooth surface should stay for 3-4 seconds, from the outside to the inside. Finally, clean the back molar.

7.Brushing time:
V500 scientifically designed brushing time is 30 seconds of transposition suspension, and 2 minutes of intelligent shutdown, because 2 minutes is a kind of scientific brushing time, too much or too little brushing is not conducive to better protection of teeth.

8.Cleaning toothbrush:
The toothbrush head should be cleaned with water after use. The IPX7 waterproof design of V500 electric toothbrush is for this purpose. Brush head 3 months need to change commonly, after toothbrush is rinsed thoroughly with clear water, answer to throw dry put clean cool place to store.

9.Choose the brush head:
In addition to the intensity of the toothbrush exercise, you should also choose the right brush according to your physical condition, especially the sensitive teeth. The bristle with strong rigidity cleans strength big, fine and soft bristle adherent area is wider, to old people and child for, should choose fine wool to be mixed normally electric toothbrush. The Vsmile V500 electric toothbrush USES extremely fine bristles, suitable for all family members over the age of 12 with healthy teeth.

A pair of healthy and beautiful teeth is a lifetime of happiness, the correct use of electric toothbrush is also an important part of oral care.