How to Recycle the Brush Head

With the development of industrial society and human greed for nature, this earth has become very fragile.For example, the greenhouse effect, rising temperatures, leading to the melting of icebergs, the upper body at sea level, some people were forced to leave their homes. At the same time, animals living in the Antarctic and the Arctic have gradually lost their homes, and the amount of food they can capture has decreased, and they have to bring their families to other places.

Therefore, protecting this common home is already an unavoidable thing. Protecting the earth is about starting small things.Toothbrushes are the tools we use every day. At the same time, electric toothbrushes are used by more and more people with the development of the times.

How to Recycle the Brush Head

But there is a problem that the toothbrush is changed every three months, and the electric toothbrush should be changed every three months. Every time you change the brush head, it may be thrown away as garbage, not only wasted, but also polluted the environment. So, let's talk about how to handle the toothbrush head today and be environmentally friendly.

Brush the gap of the basin and bathroom
When cleaning the gaps or corners of the bathroom with the bathroom, the general tools can't be cleaned because the gaps are too small. So the replaced toothbrush head can work. Because the bristles of the brush head are very thin, you can enter these dead corners and clean them.

Cleaning up sieved household appliances
For example, baskets, fans, air-conditioning filters, bathroom extractors, kitchen range hoods and extractors, and brush heads can all come in handy. Because the distance between the constructions of these products is too narrow, they can only be cleaned with the fine hair of the toothbrush.Among them, it is best to use the brush head of the electric toothbrush because it is relatively short and good to operate. The toothbrush handle of the manual toothbrush is too long, so it is best to use the toothbrush head of the electric toothbrush.

Collected together
Collect them one by one and get institutions that can be safely resolved without affecting the environment.

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How to Recycle the Brush Head

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