How to Maintain A Electric Toothbrush?

How to Maintain A Electric Toothbrush?

With the development of time and the world, electric toothbrushes have become the choice of most people in the society. Electric toothbrushes are more expensive than ordinary toothbrushes, and can usually be used for years or even decades. At this time, how to maintain a good toothbrush becomes an important issue. Because the toothbrush is maintained, it not only extends the life of the electric toothbrush, but also saves costs.

Electric Toothbrush Head Maintenance

How to Maintain A Electric Toothbrush?
In fact, the price of the brush head is very expensive. There are some brands of electric toothbrush. The official recommendation is that after three months, the blue part of the brush will turn white and let you replace it. But without the official expensive UV disinfection cabinet, it is difficult to get blue to indicate that the bristles are half white in three months, and white indicates brush head bacteria, which represents the contamination status of the brush head.

If you don't want to buy a UV disinfection cabinet or don't know how it works on the market, if you don't have a well-known and inferior brand UV disinfection box, I have a cheap and easy way to soak the brush head, here I use mouthwash. I have tested it, probably to make the piglet half white at a slower speed, and can maintain a state of three months and a half white. If the mouthwash is too troublesome, you can use concentrated salt water or alcohol, but you need to pay attention to regular replacement.

How to Clean the Bottom of Handle?

How to Maintain A Electric Toothbrush?
Finally, it does not affect the longevity and effect, just the appearance of the treatment with the bottom of a plaque. Because every time I use the brush to handle the vertical in the bathroom, it is a wet environment, then brush a water body to the bottom, is a fungal liquid medium, one year later, the bottom of the treatment has a black plaque, and spots The method is difficult to get rid of.

For example, I used a waste toothbrush with a brush, such as detergent and detergent for ten minutes, without any reduction. The day before yesterday I couldn't stand it, and really decided to try to use the diluted bleaching liquid stains in the soap box, then put the handle in the vertical handle, possibly burying the height of the plaque, put it for 20 hours, in fact it was noon when I forgot to take it out. After taking it out, I found that the plaque was almost cleared. Bleach stains are available at supermarkets for a few dollars.

In fact, the bleaching solution is bleached with hypochlorous acid. The ability to soak and remove plaque is very good. The part of the plaque that removes the plaque can also be faintly seen. The color will be slightly lighter than the surrounding blue. It should be plaque. Destructive rubber parts.

The Toothbrush can't be Turned on After More Than a Year?

How to Maintain A Electric Toothbrush?
First of all, it is the most easily overlooked and directly affects the life of the toothbrush. After using it for more than a year, some users have problems. This machine is faulty and all buttons are not pressed. Generally speaking, this is the problem that the handle brush has been flooded, not the battery.

SOLUTION : take your toothbrush head every night, even if you only have one toothbrush or just an electric toothbrush. After the brush head is separated from the handle, the position is naturally dry. Molds are difficult to grow in a dry environment.

The above is what we share today, I hope everyone can maintain their own electric toothbrush.