How to keep electric toothbrush life

Method of use


1.Installation of brush head: insert the brush head tightly into the electric toothbrush shaft until the brush head is buckled with the metal shaft.


How to keep electric toothbrush life


2.Adjust the bristle softness with warm water: warm water will make it soft; Cold water will moderate it; Ice water will make it a little harder. It is strongly recommended that the first time users soak in warm water (below 40℃) before use! And the bristle after soaking wen shui is very pliant, brush rise the feeling is very comfortable, after using 2~5 habits so, the softness of bristle is spent will decide with your be fond of.


3.How to squeeze toothpaste: it can be used with any brand of toothpaste. Aim the toothpaste vertically at the gap of the bristles and squeeze in the appropriate amount of toothpaste. To avoid spatter, squeeze the toothpaste before turning on the power.


4.How to brush your teeth effectively: when brushing your teeth, insert the brush head with the thinnest front teeth. Hold the tooth in the middle of the bristles and pull back and forth with moderate force. After the toothpaste bubbles, turn on the electric switch. In general, using an electric toothbrush can clean your teeth thoroughly in just two minutes at a time.


How to keep electric toothbrush life


5.How to use the tongue scraper: after brushing teeth, it is better to brush the back of the scraping tongue edge scraping tongue coating, to achieve the effect of thorough cleaning tongue.


6.To avoid foam spatter, turn off the power of the electric toothbrush before taking it out of your mouth.


6.How to clean the bristles: after brushing your teeth every time, put the brush head into the water, turn on the electric switch, gently shake a few times, and then tap the brush head, can wash the residual foreign matter and toothpaste on the bristles.


Points for attention


When using an electric toothbrush, attention should be paid to the following details:


1.Do not put the electric toothbrush in the hot place or in the insolation state for a long time, so as to avoid the bristle deformation and bending due to the high temperature.


2.After each use the electric toothbrush to wash thoroughly, and the moisture to jilt to as far as possible. Put the toothbrush head up in the gargle cup, or put it in the place with ventilation and sunlight, and make it dry and sterilized.


How to keep electric toothbrush life


3.If conditions permit, buy 2 or 3 electric toothbrushes at the same time and use them in rotation to prolong the drying time of toothbrushes. This is especially important for people with gingivitis and periodontitis. In addition, the rotation using can also maintain the flexibility of the brush.


4.The old electric toothbrush whose bristles have been scattered or curled and lost elasticity must be replaced in time, or it will be harmful to teeth and gums.


5.The electric toothbrush should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected once a week.


6.Don't use electric toothbrushes together to prevent mutual transmission of diseases.


Vsmile Sonic Electric Toothbrush


Vsmile Sonic Electric Toothbrush, Inductive Charger 5 Modes 2-Minute Timer 4 Replacement Heads, Last 80 Days on One Charge, Black and White Sonic Toothbrush


☺✔Ultra Long Power (80-100 Days) on a Single Charge :

After a full 12 hour charge, the toothbrush will provide more than 80-100 days of typical use (two minutes of brushing, twice a day).

How to keep electric toothbrush life


☺✔Wireless Inductive Charging :

Metal parts are hidden in the brush handle bottom, without direct contact with charging base or water.


☺✔Dual Overcharge Protection :

The electric toothbrush will auto shut off when it's fully charged.


☺✔More Powerful Sonic Cleaning :

Uses dynamic cleaning to drive fluid between teeth, removing plaque along the gumline more gently and effectively than a manual or an rotating toothbrush, keep your teeth stronger and healthier.


☺✔5 Brushing Modes Meet Various Oral Care Needs  :

Clean: Universally everyday clean & plaque removal (2 minutes)

Whiten: Surface stains removal (2 minutes) + front teeth polish (30 seconds)

Polish: Gentle polish and brightening of front teeth (1 minute)

Gum Care: Clean Mode (2 minutes) + gentle gum stimulation and massage (1 minute)

Sensitive: Gentle teeth & gum clean, perfect for sensitive teeth and first-time users (2 minutes)


How to keep electric toothbrush life


☺✔Develop A Good Brushing Habits :

2 minute smart timer (auto turns off) & transitory pause every 30 seconds (indicates to move to another quadrant of the mouth). It ensures enough brushing time and helps to develop a healthy brushing habit.


☺✔Deeper, Yet More Gentle Clean :

4 brush heads with premium dupont bristles, even the deepest clean is gentle enough to protect your teeth and gums.