How to clean electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrush is our daily personal care contact with the most close products, but things with a long time will inevitably have some small problems, especially on the cleaning and maintenance of electric toothbrush this problem, what need to pay attention to?

How to clean electric toothbrush

Tips 1: Electric toothbrush used for a long time, we will find that the handle is easy to accumulate some black dirty things, how to clean it?

First we have to figure out what these black filth things are. The brush on the handle of most electric tooth brush used soft glue material to pledges, long-term place is in the environment such as the bathroom to exceed damp fall, grow moldy, the black dirty thing on the brush handle that we see, it is mould actually. If you don't want your regular electric toothbrush to grow these dirty things, you should pay attention to the electric toothbrush in a well-ventilated place, such as after the bath in time to open the fan, the bathroom to drain the humidity or when not using the bathroom to open the window ventilation, so that the electric toothbrush will not grow moldy.

So you've got black mold, what do you do? Mostly used to bleach to clean, but the smell of bleach is too exciting and bad, now what age, there must be more scientific and more efficient way, so I can tens of thousands of a treasure to search, immediately find the good things, in addition to mould gel, the gel blot out in long there is mold, after 3 to 5 hours directly have to use wet cloth clean. Want to take good care of their own electric toothbrush, master these tips, maybe a little trouble.

Tips 2: Change the brush head once every three months. Do you need to clean the brush head in these three months?


We all know that the tip of an electric toothbrush needs to be replaced after about three months of use, but few people know what to do with it for the next three months. If you always have some foreign matter and toothpaste on your bristles after brushing, put the brush head in water after brushing and turn on the power switch again. Shake it gently and the residue will be removed from the brush head.

How to clean electric toothbrush


In addition, if the electric toothbrush is in the state of high temperature or insolation for a long time, the bristles are easy to bend and deform, so be sure to put it in a cool and ventilated place to take good care of it. After cleaning your toothbrush, don't forget to shake the water off it.

Tips 3: clean the brush handle, brush the first class easy to hide dirty places, how should daily maintenance of electric toothbrush?

  1. Place the electric toothbrush in a cool and ventilated place. On market the electric toothbrush that we often see is flaunts advanced waterproof, but we use long still can discover, the function of electric toothbrush drops somewhat, often can have more apparent feedback on shake noise. Electric toothbrush placed in the dark and humid environment for a long time, the appearance of the electric toothbrush rubber aging faster, but also affect the overall electric toothbrush performance. Want to caress to maintain his beloved electric toothbrush so, must remember to let it be put in dry environment.
  2. Remove the brush head after using the electric toothbrush. Every day, after using an electric toothbrush, we just put the whole toothbrush in the mouthwash cup and put it away. However, we don't know that this is a very bad habit. If you're the kind of owner who takes good care of your electric toothbrush, you should always remember to remove the head after using it. Because after the brush head is inserted into the brush handle, there will still be a very small gap, which is the most likely to remain liquid, and moldy over time.
  3. Have one or two more brush head is correct. We all know that the brush head is changed every three months, but there's actually a trick to changing the brush head. Use a specific brush head in the morning and alternate the evening brush head when brushing your teeth at night to give your toothbrush plenty of time to dry. In this way, the root of the brush from the great extent to avoid excessive bacteria attached to the head. Friends who are prone to gum inflammation can use this way.