How To Choose a Toothbrush? - Electric Toothbrush VS Manual Toothbrush

How To Choose a Toothbrush?
                               - Electric Toothbrush VS Manual Toothbrush

With the development of the times, things in the world are constantly developing, and toothbrushes are no exception.From the previous manual toothbrush to the current electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes are divided into rotating and vibrating toothbrushes, as well as sonic electric toothbrushes, because of different operating principles. Which electric toothbrush and manual toothbrush should we choose? Let us analyze the reasons one by one.

How To Choose a Toothbrush? - Electric Toothbrush VS Manual Toothbrush

Clean Effect
The cleaning effect of the two is definitely the first one to compare.The use of manual toothbrushes to clean the oral teeth is mainly subjective, because the movements are often biased, the actual cleaning effect will be discounted, the number of brushing is not enough or not close to the teeth. The principle of rotation or vibration of the electric toothbrush, the contact area per unit time is larger, the number of times of work is more, and the full coverage can be applied to the tooth surface and the tooth gap, and the theoretical cleaning effect is better. The data shows that the vibration type electric toothbrush removes plaque and reduces the effect of gingivitis is superior to the traditional toothbrush, and its actual results have been demonstrated.

 Velocity Control
When a traditional toothbrush is used, the strength may sometimes be indifferent or difficult to control. Some men may use the force to achieve a clean effect, and the brush is moved horizontally and vertically. This will not only damage the gums, but also damage the teeth invisibly. When using the electric toothbrush, we don't need to control the force ourselves, the force is even, and the vertical brushing can be done without increasing the friction force, reducing the tooth damage of the teeth and making the cleaning process more efficient and safe.

 Time Guarantee
The cleaning of the teeth takes time to guarantee. The standard brushing time recommended by the dentist is three minutes, and the electric toothbrush takes 2 minutes. However, in the current tight life rhythm, people often brush their teeth quickly and will be dazed, not cleaned up in time. Clean and rush to go to work, the effect is greatly reduced; electric toothbrush has a smart timer function, to ensure that the brushing time is controlled at 2 minutes, and 30 seconds to remind the interval, so as to ensure the thorough cleaning of the teeth, improve the efficiency of life and convenient life.

 Massage Experience
Under the action of high-speed vibration and rotation, the electric toothbrush has a massage effect on the gums, which increases the blood circulation in the oral cavity, and also has a certain adjustment effect on the tartar problem caused by coffee and tea drinking all the year round. And because of the sense of experience, it will attract some lazy young people to improve the fun of brushing their teeth, which invisibly reduces the oral problems and achieves the effect of cleaning teeth. The manual toothbrush is controlled by oneself and may not experience the feeling of massaging the gums.

 Cost Comparison
Electric toothbrushes are expensive because of the cost of the machine, but they can be used for a few years or even ten years. Usually, you only need to change the brush head. Manual toothbrushes are changed every three months, and the cost is similar to that of electric toothbrushes. It also causes environmental pollution and is not environmentally friendly.

 In summary, electric toothbrushes are more worthy than manual toothbrushes. And with the development of the times, I believe that electric toothbrushes will become the mainstream of toothbrush types in the future. So here, I recommend a brand Vsmile to everyone.


Vsmile is a brand created to let people experience high-value products and enjoy preferential prices. We are committed to manufacturing high quality oral health care products.The company did a deep research before we launched Vsmile Electric Toothbrushes. The world-renowned electric toothbrush brand, although functional, is expensive, not everyone can afford; and some small brands, although low prices, but the quality is poor and not worth buying. Therefore, the company are confident to launch the most cost-effective Vsmile Electric Toothbrushes.

 Vsmile v501/v502 is a sonic electric toothbrush.
【Upgraded Sonic Technology】Brush your teeth more thoroughly and gently. Reach deep between teeth and offers a more comfortable, superior clean feel.

【5 Brushing Modes】Meet various clean needs; make your teeth cleaner, whiter and healthier.

【Smart Timer】30-second quadrant shift reminder & 2-minute automatic stop help ensure a right way of brushing teeth.

【Ultra-Long Lasting Power】USB rechargeable with premium built-in 2200 mAh battery. Last up to 60 days between charges, ideal for long travel or business trip without charger. Each charge takes only 8-12 hours.

【Induction Charging】  Metal parts are hidden in the brush handle bottom, without direct contact with charging base or water for safer use.

【IPX7 Waterproof Design】Improved charging base and waterproof whole-body ensure the safety in use and long life span. Effectively protects from electric leakage, short circuit, surge, over-charge, over-heat and battery corrosion.

Vsmile Sonic Electric Toothbrushes are constantly researched and modified by our professional technology team based on dentists' opinions and advices, so the functions and performance are self-evident. Vsmile's goal is providing people with sonic electric toothbrushes of higher quality but lower price. Get your first Vsmile, and have a healthy oral environment and develop a scientific teeth-brushing habit. 

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