How to choose a best electric toothbrush,It's important to be efficient and gentle.

How to choose a best electric toothbrush,It's important to be efficient and gentle.


Don't know from when, friends around have started to give up a few dollars to a dozen dollars from the ordinary toothbrush, began to try electric toothbrush. To be honest, the change seemed both unexpected and understandable to me. One is that electric toothbrushes are relatively expensive, and I was surprised by how quickly my friends changed their clothes. On the other hand, electric toothbrushes do have a lot of benefits for us, which makes sense.

I'm not alone: electric toothbrushes are becoming more and more popular. So in this environment, how many electric toothbrush products accurately choose for themselves and excellent performance of electric toothbrush products? I think the following factors are worth considering.


How to choose a best electric toothbrush,It's important to be efficient and gentle.


1: Whether it is efficient -- the basic cleaning principle and performance of toothbrush

At present, the mainstream electric toothbrushes on the market are mainly divided into two categories: rotating electric toothbrushes and vibrating electric toothbrushes. Among them, the rotating electric toothbrush has a good cleaning effect on the tooth surface, but the cleaning of the tooth gap is relatively weak, which causes great wear and noise to the teeth. A vibrating toothbrush, on the other hand, cleans teeth by causing the head to oscillate in a high frequency that is perpendicular to the direction of the brush handle. The overall cleaning ability is slightly better than that of a rotating toothbrush, and there is less noise and wear on the teeth. At present the mainstream electric toothbrush USES the vibration principle.


2: Whether the gentle - for oral care problems

The thing that suits oneself is best forever, everybody's oral cavity environment has each different, this causes everybody to be able to have different suit interval when using electric toothbrush. All kinds of survey data show that Chinese people's oral problems are very serious and diverse. In such an environment, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the products are suitable for their own oral environment when buying electric toothbrushes.


3: Convenience -- experience is also important

If an electric toothbrush is not convenient in function, it will greatly affect our experience. Manufacturers are still exploring ways to improve the experience. At present, the major manufacturers have begun to try to add intelligent functions and services on the electric toothbrush, we are very necessary to pay attention to this point in the purchase; In the specific experience of brushing teeth, the appropriate function can often carry the toothbrush to adapt to the experience of a lot of points.


4: Perhaps the most pragmatic point -- the price factor

After all, for most people, electric toothbrush products at a price of hundreds or even thousands of yuan is not a blind spending category, so the price factor has become our choice of electric toothbrush around the past a hurdle. When specific choose and buy, we can transverse reference product function will compare actual purchase price. Then there is a qualified electric toothbrush products for our choice? The answer is yes: the Vsimile acoustic vibrator toothbrush is such a good product of electric toothbrush, but what is its specific excellence? I happen to have experienced this toothbrush myself, so I will give you a brief introduction based on my own experience.


My own version of this toothbrush is black, I still like the overall appearance, giving a sense of clean and concise, the overall grip is very good workmanship. I mentioned the four factors that influence our purchasing decisions above, and I will expand on these four factors to see the advantages of this black model.


How to choose a best electric toothbrush,It's important to be efficient and gentle.

First let's look at performance. As the name implies, Vsmile V1 USES the mainstream vibrational toothbrush principle and vibrates at a frequency of 31,000 beats per minute, which is close to the frequency of sound waves. At this frequency, the vibration of the bristles can drive the oral fluid to vibrate, generating a flow of cleaning force and washing the oral cavity, which I have a real experience in practical use, and can really feel the flow of water in the oral cavity.

In terms of oral care, I am also satisfied with the performance of this model toothbrush. It comes with a specially 3D clipped brush head, designed to protect the gums and keep teeth clean. In addition, the Vsmile V1 vibrator toothbrush also specially designed the gingival care mode, which can effectively reduce the gingival stimulation caused by brushing.

How to choose a best electric toothbrush,It's important to be efficient and gentle.


In the actual use experience, I used it for nearly two weeks, during which the symptoms of gingival bleeding and gingival sensitivity were effectively alleviated. It can be seen that the gingival care mode of "two minutes brushing and one minute massage" is quite effective. It is worth mentioning that in the specific use, the toothbrush will also sense your brushing intensity, once brushing intensity is too strong, will feedback to the user, this function can be said to be very smart. In addition to the above, this model also carries a full body washing, intelligent timing and other very convenient functions, which is commendable in convenience.

How to choose a best electric toothbrush,It's important to be efficient and gentle.

Last but not least, the price of this black toothbrush is $39.99. The price is the gear of a mid-range electric toothbrush. Now this model is participating in the promotion, as well as ordering and giving gifts.

Overall, Vsmile V1 acoustic vibration toothbrush is a good electric toothbrush product, after the actual experience, I found it both in performance, and ease of use on oral health management in are quite good, the price also is very suitable for as people first electric toothbrush product procurement, have need friends might as well try this paragraph only listed new products in the near future.

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