How do people keep their teeth healthy in daily life

How do people keep their teeth healthy in daily life


Teeth are the most important organ we need to protect. Bad teeth will affect eating difficulties and affect nutrition absorption of human body, which is not conducive to health. We should pay attention to the protection of teeth in life. So how do you protect your teeth in your daily life?


Get into the habit of brushing your teeth every day. Brush your teeth in the morning and before you fall asleep at night. Keep your mouth clean and healthy to reduce the appearance of dental diseases.

How do people keep their teeth healthy in daily life


When you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night, you can bump your upper and lower teeth into each other, increasing the number of hits and the force of the hits from ten to fifty times a day to make your teeth stronger.

How do people keep their teeth healthy in daily life



After eating a meal in every time to gargle with water, mouth closed, let the water in the mouth to move back and forth, let the teeth do not have a corner of food residue are washed out, and then spit out the water, so gargle both sides is about the same. No residue in the gaps between teeth reduces the growth of bacteria.

How do people keep their teeth healthy in daily life



Wash the thumb and forefinger with water and massage the gums back and forth with clean fingers. You can also use special tools to massage the gums. This massage for a few minutes will increase blood flow to the gums. Healthy gums make the teeth stronger and prevent tooth loosening and loss due to premature gum loss.


By closing your mouth and pressing your tongue continuously against the upper wall of your mouth, you encourage a flood of saliva. Saliva contains a large amount of immunoglobulin and lysozyme, which can increase immunity and kill bacteria in the mouth. Over time, they will have a protective effect on teeth.


Usually eat some foods containing fiber, such as cauliflower, pumpkin, spinach and so on. This will clean your teeth and reduce the risk of tooth disease in the long run.


How do people keep their teeth healthy in daily life


Childhood teeth are a growing process and must be treated well, which can affect the appearance of teenage years. Orthodontic and dental visits take time, money and patience.



1.When he was young, his big teeth just grew out (3 years old, 6 years old, 12 years old), he was led to the hospital by his parents to seal the cavity and groove.

2.After tooth change, teeth should be straightened through correction; If wisdom teeth grow, pull them out in time.

3.Brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes. Learn how to brush your teeth properly, preferably with an improved bass brush.

4.It's best to floss and rinse once a day.

5.Visit your dentist regularly, wash your teeth every six months, and take an annual dental lamination.

6.Do not smoke, do not take drugs, drink less alcohol, do not chew betel nut, drink less beverage, and eat snacks less frequently.

8.If you find teeth grinding at night, wear soft jaw pads at night to reduce tooth wear. 9. The elderly should not fight against head and neck malignancies, because radiotherapy will destroy the self-cleaning ability of the mouth.


Also, most importantly, use an electric toothbrush to thoroughly clean your oral environment.

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How do people keep their teeth healthy in daily life


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How do people keep their teeth healthy in daily life


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