How about the cost performance of toothbrushes made in China

It's better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish. Let me tell you how to tell the difference between electric toothbrushes.


Electric toothbrush, a lot of people buy for the first time, because do not know, so when choosing do not know what price to choose, what brand. In fact, the basic production technology of electric toothbrush has been very popular in the industry group. In fact, daily oral cleaning, foreign brands and domestic are mostly the same. The only difference is that each company's high-end electric toothbrush, each company derived many exclusive multi-functional cleaning mode. And these extra functions you may not necessarily use, but, it will let the product price suddenly become thousands, high. Let the product level higher.


Vsmile satisfies daily oral cleaning, which is actually a bit more cost-effective.

How to choose the right electric toothbrush?

1.vibration frequency

The frequency of sound vibration suitable for adults is 32,000 times per minute to 40,000 times per minute. Most electric toothbrushes have several vibrational frequency switches. Most of them are in this range. The standard is 32,000 times per minute; The floating frequency of 37000 to 40000 times/minute can play a similar massage effect, promote oral blood circulation and enhance metabolism; Finally, the whitening mode of cleaning stubborn stains and plaque is 40,000 times per minute.


The cleaning capacity below this frequency cannot reach the standard, which indirectly indicates that the manufacturer's technology is not frequent enough, too high will cause damage to your teeth and gums, which indicates that the manufacturer has obvious bad motives and misleads consumers with high frequency. And these are the only frequencies that current technology can support. If you look at some electric toothbrushes that vibrate 50,000, 60,000, 70,000 times per minute or more. It can be determined that this is a XXXX manufacturer.


While adult electric toothbrushes vibrate at varying frequencies, children are simpler. Fixed at 15,000 cycles per minute. Because children's mouth is more sensitive and soft. Can not withstand too high frequency of vibration, if you buy too high frequency, it will hurt the gums and teeth of children, and even cause the press loose, teeth fall out.


Some big brands you can go to have a look, the vibration frequency of children's electric toothbrush and adult a specification, and the vibration frequency of 15,000 times/minute used in the relatively end of the product misunderstanding is that the higher the frequency, the more expensive the price. In fact, vibration frequency is the basis of an electric toothbrush, do an article above a little let a person SOB unceasingly, what should do is how to choose the most suitable for consumer use vibration frequency setting gear, rather than play marketing ideas.


How about the cost performance of toothbrushes made in China

2.making materials

(1) brush :

Bristles are divided into ordinary nylon bristles and dupont nylon bristles. The quality of bristles determines the comfortable experience when you brush your teeth, and one of the key points of cleaning your mouth.

See a product simply normal, this is one of them, common nylon bristle multifarious, fish and dragons jumbled together, do not know who do, which do, what material do. Dupont bristles are a well-known foreign brand with a long history. Their bristles in the use of popular toothbrush, has a definite lead. Because of the high quality of products and excellent reputation.

(2) the brush head:

Brush head this thing, cent is ordinary material with food grade material. After all, it's what you put in your mouth. And mixed with water and toothpaste. How to choose, self-evident.

(3) manufacturing process

Some electric toothbrushes are too fancy in appearance design, this thing is used to brush teeth, not used as decorations, choose an electric toothbrush is its line, brush head, brush handle length, width and height, a reasonable design of electric toothbrush in use more convenient, more convenient when brushing teeth. This specific data said everybody also goes buying impossibly when quantity, want to feel its design only roughly contracted and relaxed, whether does the size of brush a head suit him. In fact, most businesses have the same design. The only difference is the bad guys.


How about the cost performance of toothbrushes made in China

It is waterproof finally, an electric toothbrush of waterproof high grade, its life also exceeds inferior toothbrush far, use more long, consumer cost is lower. When buying, it is best to choose and buy an integrated design, through induction charging, the movement, battery and other envelop in it. Greatly increase the waterproof performance, the waterproof grade can reach IPX7, as long as you don't put it into the water soak 3-5 minutes, toothbrush body no matter how you wash it doesn't matter. And some waterproof barely reach IPX7 or 6, may not be its waterproof design, but in the waterproof part of the increase of a circle of waterproof belt "life buoy", can also play a waterproof role, but that circle of rubber like waterproof belt is very easy to breed bacteria, produce mold.

How about the cost performance of toothbrushes made in China

(4) brand


As mentioned above, the only difference between Chinese brands and foreign brands is that foreign brands take longer time to develop, and they have plenty of time to develop exclusive cleaning functions, but not necessarily for everyone.


And the electric toothbrush made in China, in daily cleaning care is no less than the big foreign brands.


How about the cost performance of toothbrushes made in China