Electric toothbrush is worth buying? Science has the answer!

Brushing teeth has become an essential daily activity for modern people.


We don't hurry don't panic, electric toothbrush should buy or not, what to buy, how to buy, look at this one is enough.


Should I buy an electric toothbrush?


Why do you need an electric toothbrush?


In fact, if you know how to brush your teeth properly and regularly, you can clean your teeth effectively by hand using a regular toothbrush.


Electric toothbrush is worth buying? Science has the answer!


The babbitt brush method, the mouth shape of the model is very strong (oh, of course it is drawn).


But the problem is, what is the "correct way to brush your teeth"? At present stomatology is recommended to have the babbitt brush method, the horizontal vibration brush method, the ring brush method and so on.


Take the babbitt brushing method as an example. The toothbrush bristles need to be tilted 45° at the interface between the teeth and the gums. The wrist should be slightly forced to vibrate horizontally with 2 or 3 teeth at a short distance, and then gently brush the crown of the teeth. Clean upper jaw, it is to brush bristles upright on tooth surface, let brush bristles enter the gap of tooth, toothbrush makes up and down pull vibrate. The whole process takes no less than three minutes.


What are the benefits of electric toothbrushes?


Electric toothbrushes were originally invented to help people with disabilities brush their teeth.


Electric toothbrush is worth buying? Science has the answer!


Ads for Broxodent, the first commercial electric toothbrush.


An electric toothbrush designed to solve the problem of brushing the teeth of the disabled has become a favorite of lazy people or people in a hurry. So what are the benefits of electric toothbrushes?


More labor saving. Designed for people with disabilities, electric toothbrushes are easy to use -- just turn on the power and put it in your mouth.


More efficient. For the same brushing time, electric toothbrushes clean more thoroughly than ordinary toothbrushes, and have better cleaning effect on the back teeth area;



More sense of accomplishment. Brush teeth every day, can't see the tooth whiten, not feel less bacteria, too boring and unfulfilling! However, the effect of electric toothbrush is more obvious.


So embrace the wonderful new life of electric toothbrushes!


Electric toothbrush is worth buying? Science has the answer!


Will electric toothbrushes clean your teeth more cleanly?


The claim that electric toothbrushes are cleaner to brush your teeth is not accurate.


Is the purpose of brushing your teeth clean mouth and get rid of food particles and bacteria, cleaning effect is good enough, the most main is to use a suitable toothbrush and toothpaste correct method of brushing your teeth.  If mastering scientific method of brushing your teeth, and the persistence of the patient, ordinary toothbrush cleaning effect is good.


Electric toothbrush is worth buying? Science has the answer!


For the average person who doesn't know how to brush his teeth properly, an electric toothbrush is relatively efficient because some of the movements required in the horizontal tremor method are already done by the rotation and vibration of the motor. In addition, some have the function of pressurized water spray to assist in cleaning, so that in a relatively short period of time (the average person does not have enough time to brush his teeth, usually 3 minutes to 5 minutes to brush by hand), electric toothbrushes can be cleaner than ordinary toothbrushes. So strike a balance between convenience and efficiency, using an electric toothbrush is currently a better choice.


How to choose electric toothbrush after all?


Now on the market of electric toothbrush cleaning principle is mainly two: rotary and sonic vibrations. The two approaches correspond to different brand strengths. Sonic toothbrush sounds like a little more advanced than rotation, but it's true that sonic vibration technology is a bit newer, and the price of sonic toothbrush on the market would be a little more expensive than a single rotary electric toothbrush.


Electric toothbrush is worth buying? Science has the answer!


But is sound vibration necessarily better than rotation? Not necessarily.


Rotary electric toothbrushes are among the cleanest, but there is a risk of tooth damage if not used properly. Sonic toothbrush is not so clean rotating brush, but much more than ordinary toothbrush to clean. And the point is that they're softer and less damaging to the teeth.


Electric toothbrush is worth buying? Science has the answer!


If you don't have the patience or the time, so a sonic electric toothbrush bring convenience, efficiency, and novelty, may have a lot of help to you.