Electric toothbrush is expected to become an important category of small household appliances consumption upgrade

The main route of upgrading small household appliances consumption can be divided into two major routes: the high-end of traditional categories and the popularization of new categories.

And electric toothbrush belongs to new category to popularize this one route. We believe that electric toothbrush, as a new category of personal protective small home appliances in China, can stand out and become the leading factor for the rapid popularization of small home appliances under the wave of consumption upgrade as follows:

1) High frequency of use: Toothbrush is a daily product that people use at least once or twice a day. Its frequency of use is higher than that of personal care appliances such as hair dryer, electric shaver and beauty instrument.

2) Strong rigid demand: Brushing teeth is the first step of daily cleaning care, indispensable, and men and women of all ages have a need, so the demand for electric toothbrush is strong.

3) Cost performance: This is leading to electric toothbrush has entered our country for some time, but the penetration rate has been low one of the major factors. However, with the enhancement of the concept of tooth care among Chinese residents, the improvement of income level and the decline of price sensitivity, as well as the continuous improvement of the performance of electric toothbrushes, the cost performance of electric toothbrushes will continue to improve.

In conclusion, we believe that electric toothbrush will be a new category worthy of attention in the wave of small household appliance consumption upgrade.

Electric toothbrush is expected to become an important category of small household appliances consumption upgrade

Overseas electric toothbrush road of popularization

Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries electric toothbrush penetration rate is high. According to AC Nielsen's 2015 data, the U.S.

Forty-two out of a hundred people use electric toothbrushes, compared with five in China. The gap is huge.

Other developed countries such as Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, the penetration rate is also between 30% and 40%, some even as high as 50%.

Electric toothbrush is expected to become an important category of small household appliances consumption upgrade

We believe that the main reasons affecting the popularity of electric toothbrushes lie in three aspects:

Whether consumers have the ability to buy: that is, whether the level of economic support for their consumption of electric toothbrush degree.

Due to the high purchase cost of electric toothbrush and the high cost of replacing the brush head in the later stage, which is about ten times of the ordinary manual toothbrush, the country with higher economic level and stronger consumption power first popularize it.

Whether consumers have the desire to buy: that is, whether the demand for the product is formed. China's consumer demand for electric toothbrushes is weaker than that in Europe and the United States

The demand of the country formed early and was relatively strong, mainly because:

  1. Consumers' cognition of products: the education of consumers in Europe and America is in place, and the cognition of electric toothbrushes is earlier than that in China, so the demand is stronger.
  2. Consumers' awareness of oral care: consumers in Europe and America have a strong awareness of oral care, and they have good medical conditions and visit dentists frequently. Dentists play a guiding role in the formation of consumers' awareness of oral care.
  3. Whether the product functions can meet the needs of consumers: Europe and the United States are the birthplace of electric toothbrushes. The products are rapidly updated, and the latest products are often sold in Europe and the United States. Can meet the needs of consumers. But in our country the product category is less, the renewal is slower, the development power is insufficient.

Electric toothbrush is expected to become an important category of small household appliances consumption upgrade


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