Do you really think brushing your teeth is not a big deal

Teeth, can be said to accompany our life of an organ. We don't want to find ourselves in our fifties with rotten teeth. So take good care of yourself while you are young.


How to protect tooth health


Brush your teeth, is a very small thing in life, the morning to brush their teeth to go out, after brushing their teeth to sleep at night. When I was young, my mother would urge me to go to the bathroom to brush my teeth when I was lazy.

But when you grow up, you will often be lazy. Sometimes, when you are very tired, you just think "just brush twice". Even when you stay up late, you will not brush your teeth. If you go to the dentist, you'll almost always get the same advice: brush your teeth!

So today we will talk about the problem of teeth cleaning, still divided into common problems, medical care and cleaning products recommended for detailed analysis, to protect the health of teeth together!

Perhaps because modern people eat more and more refined, even without dental caries, there will be more or less wisdom teeth and periodontitis trouble, so first to see what are the common tooth problems:


Do you really think brushing your teeth is not a big deal


(1) dental caries

Cavities are actually tooth decay, which is a common dental problem for most people. People like me who love candy have been suffering from tooth decay since childhood. For cavities, those who have five cavities suggest: the sooner the better! It's also the least painful and most economical time to visit your dentist when you notice a small black spot, a precursor to cavities.

(2) dental calculus

Dental calculus is a substance that grows on the surface of teeth. It usually grows on the back and roots of teeth. But dental calculus is not all hard as stone, just formed dental calculus is soft, brushing can be removed. But if you don't remove it, it will slowly become a hard brown, black, and will become smelly. Many older people suffer from bad breath, mostly because of dental stones, which encourages them to have their teeth cleaned.


Do you really think brushing your teeth is not a big deal


(3) gingivitis

Gingivitis is very common, gingiva swelling pain, brushing bleeding is gingivitis, is what we say "fire". However, it is very funny that western medicine believes that the cause is oral health problems, a good brushing can be treated; The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks it is kidney Yin deficient empty, qi and blood deficient wait a moment, it is good to should take medicine contraindication fills qi and blood. Haha, so it's up to you how you choose to treat gingivitis!


(4) periodontitis

I always thought that periodontitis was a serious problem before I did my homework. But actually common gingivitis is the initial symptom of periodontitis, gingivitis continues to develop and worsen will become periodontitis, so small problems will be taken seriously, dragging for a long time will only be more serious.

And it, periodontitis development to the late stage will appear gingival pus, teeth fall out, so knock the blackboard, please pay attention to oral health, insist on brushing in the morning and evening!


Do you really think brushing your teeth is not a big deal


If you have any of these problems, take these steps.

(1) tooth cleaning

A lot of people would suggest that I wash my teeth every six months to a year, but most of them are based on their own experience. I think the first time I washed my teeth, it was amazing. I never felt my teeth so white and smooth!

Although the process of washing a little bit of acid shuang, but in order to look good and healthy worth enduring! Now it's all about ultrasonic cleaning, where the doctor removes plaque and calculus from the surface of the tooth with a small hook, and then it's polished so the surface isn't pockmarked.


(2) tooth filling

As long as the tooth decay is not so deep, there is no pain in filling the tooth. Rub away the black part of the tooth cavity, then fill the cavity with a filling material and finish. If you're unlucky enough to have a deep cavity, you may need to have a fill-up after a root canal


(3) root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is really anti-human! I don't think any torture is as good as root canal therapy, and the thought of that word made my teeth ache. Let me show you a schematic of what this looks like visually:


(4) dental cosmetology


Tooth hairdressing includes correct, beautiful white, these two should say in detail is a big project again, open another article technically so have an opportunity to say again so good. But the point is, if you want to do orthodontics, what age is not too late, carefully go to the dental consultation after the decision can be. But in daily life, we also need an electric toothbrush to help us with daily care.


Do you really think brushing your teeth is not a big deal


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