Can electric toothbrushes damage teeth?

The answer, of course, is no. Long-term use of electric toothbrushes does not cause loose teeth. Though, electric toothbrush is through the vibration to strengthen for teeth cleaning, but this kind of vibration amplitude is after repeated experiments, it was worth only when we eat at ordinary times of vibration, and its wear with ordinary toothbrushes wear of teeth is the same, even lower than the ordinary toothbrush, not only can effectively clean teeth, can massage the gums, promote blood circulation of our mouth.

Can electric toothbrushes damage teeth?


What are the causes of loose teeth?

1.Gingival atrophy is mainly caused by the presence of foreign matter (calculus) at the gingival margin and the long-term failure to clean it up, resulting in bacterial breeding and stimulation. Gingival atrophy found must be treated as soon as possible, otherwise it will continue to worsen. It is suggested to change the habit of brushing teeth, correct the bad repair, adjust the occlusion or orthodontic force, etc.

2.Delayed treatment of dental diseases, such as periodontitis and gingivitis;

3, external force;

4.Physiological aging, mostly occurs in the elderly.

Electric toothbrushes just change the way people brush their teeth, not completely replace teeth cleaning. However, many people tend to brush their teeth too hard due to improper brushing methods, which may cause unnecessary damage to teeth and gums. However, electric toothbrushes can reduce such damage and massage the gums. But electric toothbrushes can be harmful if used in the wrong way. Usually use common toothbrush is active up and down brush, namely vertical brush. However, the vibration frequency and force of the electric toothbrush are relatively fixed. When it rotates, it is similar to the horizontal brush on the tooth surface, which may cause certain wear on the teeth and cause periodontitis seriously. If the tooth itself is not very good, such as gingivitis, periodontitis, it is best not to choose electric toothbrush. The frequency and force of the electric toothbrush are fixed. Because children cannot master the appropriate use method at the moment, it is easy to damage the tender gums, making the gums appear red and swollen and other symptoms. At the same time, the teeth will suffer severe wear and tear.


In this fast era, people pay more attention to the efficiency and dental health of brushing teeth. No matter what kind of brushing method is used, it can effectively protect and clean teeth. People with fragile dentures and children are better suited to manual use, of course, if done in the right way. And the population with normal and healthy teeth, according to their own economic conditions and needs can also choose electric toothbrush, with the progress of science and technology, electric toothbrush technology in the improvement, but also more intelligent, in order to ensure the effective cleaning of teeth at the same time will avoid the damage of toothbrush to teeth, can be assured of use.

Can electric toothbrushes damage teeth?

Benefits of electric toothbrush:

1, cleaning ability -- traditional toothbrush is difficult to completely remove dental plaque, coupled with the brushing method is not appropriate, so that the cleaning effect of brushing greatly reduced. The slight vibration generated by the high-speed rotation of the electric toothbrush can not only promote the blood circulation in the mouth, but also have an unexpected massage effect on the gingiva tissue, and this comfortable feeling can only be known after personal experience.

2.Have fun -- this applies not only to many children who don't like to brush their teeth, but also to adults. Since electric toothbrushes are much larger in size than traditional toothbrushes, there is a lot of work to be done on the outside.

3. reduce damage --- when using ordinary toothbrush to brush teeth, the use of force by the user's own control, sometimes hard to avoid excessive brushing, or use the incorrect sawing brush, these will cause damage to teeth and gums.

4.Whitening and beautifying -- electric toothbrush can effectively reduce stains caused by tea, coffee and bad oral conditions, and restore the original color of teeth. And the adjustment does not work immediately, but gradually, with each day of brushing, without causing any damage to the teeth themselves.

5. easy to use -- everyone in the rest or get up in the morning, will not have too much energy and energy, so can not guarantee the time and brush teeth brushing action of the standard, for the teeth of health care effect is naturally greatly reduced. Electric toothbrush can well solve this problem, automatic rotation of the brush head, ergonomic overall design, to ensure effective and convenient brushing. It is so convenient to use, so it is easy to brush our teeth and cultivate our good habits.