Can an electric toothbrush be Shared by two people

Yes, but you need two brush heads. Two people can share an electric toothbrush, but can not share a brush head, brush head can be removed, after use can be taken down, will not affect the electric toothbrush, affect the life of the electric toothbrush is the most important or the battery. Double occupancy

When an electric toothbrush needs to pay attention, it is best to use two different colors to distinguish the brush head, to avoid mixing.

Can an electric toothbrush be Shared by two people

The hazards of sharing electric brush heads

Oral herpes

If you share a toothbrush with someone who has herpes simplex virus, you may catch it. This is because toothbrushes are easily contaminated with viruses and bacteria, which can spread disease.

Gum disease

Toothbrushes can harbor disease-causing bacteria, so sharing them can cause gum disease. If you or your partner has bleeding or canker sores, it can be contagious.


Mononucleosis caused by the BE virus is highly contagious and can BE transmitted through saliva and blood. Symptoms include headache, nausea and fever, often confused with viral fever or flu. Infection with hepatitis C

Hepatitis C can be transmitted through Shared toothbrushes because it can contaminate toothbrushes and has a high risk of infection. Hepatitis is characterized by loss of appetite, nausea, and jaundice.

Can an electric toothbrush be Shared by two people


Notes for using electric toothbrush

Be sure to read the instructions and installation instructions before using it for the first time. Make sure you know how to use it before you brush your teeth. Such as how to make the brush head tightly into the toothbrush shaft, how to make it have a tight combination and so on.

It's best to soak in warm water before using. Experiments have shown that a toothbrush soaked in warm water is more comfortable to brush, especially for those with periodontal disease.

Be sure to choose a toothpaste that is suitable for your child. Choose a toothpaste that your child can swallow. And don't open the electric toothpaste immediately after squeezing out the toothpaste, first put the toothbrush into the mouth inside to open, to avoid toothpaste spatter, stop brushing also want to shut off the power supply in the removal of toothbrush.

When you brush your teeth, you must refer to relevant actions to brush your teeth, especially the order in which you brush your teeth. The key point of brushing your teeth should be the connection between the gums and teeth. In the process of brushing your teeth, you must fully consider whether every part has been brushed. A word of caution here is never push so hard at the tooth with the flat end of your head.

Can an electric toothbrush be Shared by two people


Change the head of your electric toothbrush as often as possible

Electric tooth brush brush head is 3 months commonly change, with common tooth brush same, if conditional word highest a month changes. If used for a long time, the toothbrush above will remain stains, these stains with the increase in the use of time and more and more, the bacteria above is also more and more, not only can not achieve the role of cleaning the mouth, but also become a source of pollution.


Choose which one is better

Choose a toothbrush with medium hardness and fine bristles. If the bristles of the toothbrush are too soft, it is easy to make the toothbrush not clean, and the bristles are too hard, it is very easy to damage the teeth and gums. However, coarse bristles cannot be applied to the gap between teeth, resulting in uncleanness. If coarse bristles are used forcibly, the gap may become larger.


How to choose the toothbrush head

Bristles that are too stiff can cause your gums to shrink: many people believe that bristles on a toothbrush are better for cleaning your teeth and will clean them more thoroughly, so they often choose a toothbrush with a stiff, hairy head. But it's actually bad for your teeth. Because if choose the tooth brush the hair is too hard, too dense, when brushing teeth, it is difficult to clean the tooth space and hidden surface of tartar, cleaning effect is not only bad but will seriously decline. And hard-bristled toothbrushes often scratch the gums, causing them to bleed, damage or shrink.

Damaged gums and teeth: poor quality toothbrushes not only fail to effectively remove plaque, but also may damage the gums and teeth, causing greater harm to oral health. The brush head of inferior tooth brush is general bigger, stretch after go in easy stimulation mucous membrane. Next, the bristle of inferior tooth brush is thicker, damage gum easily, cause oral cavity ulcer to cause the injury of mucous membrane. Occasional damage to the mucous membrane can be repaired automatically, but if repeated damage, oral ulcers are prone to cancer.


Can an electric toothbrush be Shared by two people