Can an electric toothbrush be carried on the plane

Can an electric toothbrush be carried on the plane

Electric toothbrushes are portable and do not need to be checked. Any electrical appliances with lithium batteries can not be checked, can only carry. Because the electric toothbrush will contain lithium battery, and civil aviation regulations, lithium battery to carry, can not be consigned, and the capacity can not exceed 160wh, if more than can not carry can not consigned. General electric toothbrush lithium battery capacity is relatively low, so you can carry.


Can an electric toothbrush be carried on the plane

Consignment, is a form of logistics, refers to the shipper consignment qualification of the company to transport goods to a designated place, to the designated consignee service. According to the different ways of shipping, can be divided into sea shipping, land shipping, air shipping.

1 The rated energy of the lithium ion battery carried is not allowed to exceed 160Wh.

2 Note when carrying devices containing lithium ion batteries (such as laptops, cameras, camcordes, etc.) :

(1) can be placed in checked luggage and carry-on luggage.

(2) measures shall be taken to prevent accidental start-up.

(3) the rated energy of lithium ion battery should not exceed 100Wh.

(4) lithium ion batteries with rated energy from 100Wh(excluding) to 160Wh(including) shall be approved by the operator (airline).

3 Spare lithium ion batteries should be carried according to the following rules:

(1) it can only be carried in carry-on luggage.

(2) to protect the lithium battery from short circuit, the standby battery can be placed in the original factory's retail package or the electrode can be insulated -- for example, the exposed electrode can be stuck with adhesive tape, and the battery can be packed separately in a plastic belt or protective bag

(3) the rated energy of a single lithium-ion battery should not exceed 100Wh.

(4) with the approval of the operator (airline), the standby lithium ion battery with rated energy from 100Wh(excluding) to 160Wh(including) can be carried, but not more than 2 pieces.


Can an electric toothbrush be carried on the plane


Rules for passengers to carry on board

1 No carrying or checking

Firearms, ammunition, lighters, drugs, etc. are not allowed to carry or consign, these are dangerous goods and contraband, users do not carry these things on the plane.

2 You can only take it with you

Battery such as charging treasure, lithium battery, if the house ah checked luggage in case of combustion explosion and other circumstances can not be found in a timely manner, so can only carry, if the lithium battery and charging treasure such things over the carrying capacity, even carry is not good, because the capacity of electric toothbrush is small so can carry.

3 You can either take it with you or check it

A single bottle of skincare products with a small capacity less than 100ml can be taken with you. If more than 100ml needs to be consigned, but water-containing items such as water, drinks, porridge and cans cannot be carried on the plane to prevent liquid bombs in the aircraft cabin.

4 Can be checked can not carry

Low-strength alcohol and liquids can be consigned. In the degree, more than or equal to 24 degrees of wine, the number of consignments is not limited to 24 degrees (excluding 24 degrees) to 70 degrees (including 70 degrees), consignments must not exceed 5 liters, more than 70 degrees of wine can not be consigned, such as the alcohol concentration of the toilet water is very low can be.

Note: carry-on luggage must be less than 20*44*50cm and the weight must not exceed 5kg.


Can an electric toothbrush be carried on the plane