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Vsmile is a brand created to bring people experience high-value products and enjoy preferential prices. We are committed to manufacturing high quality oral health care products. It keeps developing and innovating to provide advanced, intelligent, high-quality products and services for user. 

Vsmile electric toothbrush are the core business on the current stage. We had got a number of patents in worldwide areas. V1 is the representative product. Therefore, we are confident to launch our cost-effective Vsmile. Keep faith with “Love and then focus, foucs and then extremes”, Vsmile will concentrate on making more better products. 

Vsmile Sonic Electric Toothbrush is constantly researched and modified by technicians, so the function is self-evident. Vsmile’s initial heart is to hope everyone can use the sonic electric toothbrush. Have a healthy oral environment and have a high quality and healthy life.Let us have a confident, bright smile with Vsmile that radiates our unique charm. 


Vsmile is an electric toothbrush that lets you release your charm and is a brand that gives people a cost-effective product.

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