What is the best sonic electric toothbrush ——Simple and Effective is advanced sense

Sonic toothbrush, also known as sonic toothbrush, is a new toothbrush with magnetic levitation motor as the power source, driving the toothbrush head to vibrate according to the designed frequency, so as to clean teeth. The main electric toothbrush host (handle), replaceable toothbrush head, toothbrush head dust cap, induction charging base.

What is the best sonic electric toothbrush ——Simple and Effective is advanced sense

* Define

Sonic toothbrush is a new kind of toothbrush which USES the suspension motor as the power source to drive the toothbrush head to vibrate according to the designed frequency. The main handle, toothbrush and other parts

Sonic vibrator toothbrush is a combination of sonic technology for oral care. It vibrates at a high speed of 31,000 vibrations per minute, producing sonic frequency vibrations powered by sound waves that can penetrate into hard-to-reach parts of the teeth.


* Working principle


What is the best sonic electric toothbrush ——Simple and Effective is advanced sense

(1)Working principle of sonic toothbrush

What is a sound wave? Acoustic waves are mechanical longitudinal waves propagating in elastic media, whose frequency ranges from 20 to 20,000 Hertz and can be heard by human ears.

The working principle of sonic toothbrush is: rely on the high speed movement of miniature motor, drive the toothbrush head under the high speed swing, produce mechanical vibration, namely produce sound wave.

Sonic toothbrush is suitable for vibration frequency between 166-666hz (10000-37000 times/min), different frequencies of sonic toothbrush to achieve different degrees of teeth cleaning effect. The cleaning effect of sonic toothbrush is proportional to the frequency and amplitude of sound wave.

(2)Principle of acoustic wave generation

1.vibration principle of eccentric wheel of high-speed micro motor:

This principle is common and widely used. Usually the maximum speed of the motor should be up to 30000 RPM, higher speed will have an impact on the life of the motor itself. The amplitude and noise produced by acoustic wave vibration are different from motors and toothbrushes of different specifications.


2.high-frequency vibration principle of magnetic levitation motor:

As a source of vibration, the principle of the electromagnetic lifting device is: after electrifying, the electromagnetic device forms a magnetic field, and the lifting device is suspended in the middle of the magnetic field to form a high-frequency vibration frequency, which is then transmitted to the toothbrush through the transmission shaft.

This vibration principle produces no mechanical friction inside the motor, with strong stability and large output power. The frequency of sound wave generated can reach 37000 times/min. The higher the frequency, the more technically difficult the motor.

3.The function of sonic toothbrush

Oral cleaning: unique tooth stain softening system, directional removal of residual food, dental plaque system.

Dental cosmetology: it can protect the natural enamel of the teeth and make the gums pink and elastic.

Gingiva massage: a professional and safe massage experience for gingiva. Promote gingival microcirculation, prevent gingival recession, reduce gingival bleeding and oral ulcer. Teeth are not sensitive to heat and cold.

Oral greening: sonic toothbrush can completely remove the bacteria from the teeth, gums, periodontal area and tongue coating, making the mouth clean, comfortable and fresh.




* Suitable for people

1 People with bad breath: especially those with wide teeth, it is easy to stuff food scraps in the teeth. If not cleaned in time, it will easily lead to bad breath after dental plaque fermentation. Sonic toothbrush can penetrate into the gaps of teeth and avoid the dead spots in the mouth. It can remove food residue and soft dirt from the gaps of teeth in time, and reduce picking and bad breath.


2 For patients with gingivitis, gingivitis is easy to cause gingival bleeding. The first time using an acoustic toothbrush, there will be bleeding. Bleeding stops after one or two days of treatment for mild gingivitis.


3 For patients with tooth decay and caries, sonic toothbrush can deeply clean food residue, bacteria and tartar in the tooth cavity, so that the tooth body and periodontal tissue can be locally cleaned and irritants can be removed. At the same time, sonic toothbrush can massage the gums, promote the blood circulation of the painful parts, thus playing a role in relieving the pain of teeth.


4 Orthodontic appliance wearers: no matter it is fixed appliance or movable appliance, they have more accessories. In particular, there are many accessories for fixed orthopedic devices. Food is easy to be embedded, and it is difficult to clean the ordinary manual brushing, while the sonic toothbrush can be completely clean without leaving dead space.


5.In the past, patients were required to go to the dental clinic regularly for rinsing. However, the sonic toothbrush can clean itself every day and effectively maintain the long-term retention of the implant teeth.


6 Mouth with denture: especially fixed denture, can not be removed at will to clean, with the passage of time, the gap between the gingival and fixed bridge more and more impaction, the use of acoustic toothbrush can help effectively clean the mouth.


7 For people who often smoke, tea, coffee: often smoke, can make tobacco tar deposition in the tooth surface, the formation of smoke spot, but also can make the odontolith appear black line, and even some smoke spot infiltration into the tooth structure, not easy to remove. Tea and coffee tend to stain teeth, and people who have been drinking tea or coffee for a long time also tend to discolor their teeth. Use sonic toothbrush every day to effectively remove the pigmentation on the tooth surface and keep the teeth clean and natural. Even if you like smoking, drinking tea and drinking coffee, you can keep a good image at work or in life and have a healthy mouth.


What is the best sonic electric toothbrush ——Simple and Effective is advanced sense


* Popularity


Due to the popularity of oral health concepts and the different levels of economic development in different countries around the world, the popularity of sonic toothbrush varies greatly. In developed western countries such as Europe and America, the popularity of sonic toothbrush is relatively high due to the popularity of oral health care concept and economic development. In just four or five years, the popularity rate has reached about 50%. In Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other Asian developed countries, the penetration rate is around 20-30%. The penetration rate is low in economically backward areas.


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